Having a headache is never a fun time. People get them every day without having much to worry about. A headache is not much more than an inconvenience to most people. For those suffering with chronic migraines, its a whole other story. Here is a list of things that only people with chronic migraines can understand.

1. Trying to communicate the severity and legitimacy with which you have become all but non-functional

2. Having to explain its not just a headache

3. No, Advil, ibuprofen, Alieve, or Excedrin will not help

4. Having 3 different migraine tracker apps on your phone because your doctor told you to keep a log of everything

5. Constantly worrying if you have a brain tumor

6. Knowing that you have to live with them forever and no-one can do anything about it is infuriating and terrifying

7. Having to explain to people that you are not hungover ... This happens every day.

8. No, its not just allergies ...

9. The anger you feel when someone says “I get headaches sometimes too”

10. Every little noise sounds like the loudest yell ever

11. When you find a person who actually suffers from migraines you become best friends

12. Everybody around you is loving life and you are internally dying

13. The worst is when its a sunny day and everyone is outside and all you want to do is stay inside because even just the slightest brightness is unbearable

14. Not realizing that your migraine went away until you get another one

15. People trying to have intense conversations while all you can think about is the fact that your head is throbbing ...

16. When you are in a dark room trying to ride out your migraine and someone walks in and turns the light on

17. Forget looking at a computer, phone, or TV screen …

18. Not thinking about the fact that you are about to exceed the dosage limit for ibuprofen because you don’t care about anything except getting rid of your migraine