Bloomsburg University is the best place to be, in my opinion. Being a Husky for the past couple of years has taught me a lot of things, one being that the campus is filled with diversity. However, no matter how diverse the campus is, here are some things I believe everyone can agree on if you attend this fine univeristy.

1. The hills

Whether you like it or not, your calves are going to get into shape.

2. Going to the Commons

A place where a typical meal is sushi, grilled cheese, green beans, cereal, and a piece of pie. It’s perfectly normal/acceptable.

3. The Golden Nipple

Or, as the adults would call it, Carver Hall. If you ever get lost at night, the Golden Nipple will always lead you back home.

4. The Weather

It can go from 55 degrees to 75 and sunny to rain, then back to sunny, all in one day. It’s pretty common, actually.

5. On the topic of weather, the wind…

...the most painful wind you will ever experience.

6. It’s not Blooms! It's Bloom.

7. Professors love to coordinate their exams/projects to all happen in the same week. So sweet of them.

8. Scheduling is pretty similar to the "Hunger Games."

9. 90 percent of Yaks posted are either about wanting to cuddle or smoke.

10. The walk to the gym is basically a pre-workout.

11. Late-night pizza at Husky tastes better than pizza during the day. It just does.

12. Trips to Walmart are more exciting than they should be.

13. You’re either Team Naps or Team Tri Pi.

14. Pink Weiners is always there for you on those wild nights.

15. If you haven’t had a pretzelini, you haven’t lived.

16. When your parents come to visit, you know your going to Marley’s.

17. You just love Barb and Chip.

18. No matter how much you complain during the semester, after one week home, you already want to be back at this lovely place that has become your home.