18 Gifs From The Office That Perfectly Sum Up Finals Week

18 Gifs From The Office That Perfectly Sum Up Finals Week

Because who could say it better than Michael Scott?


It's that time of the year and what better way to procrastinate on studying for those finals then to reflect on how the people of The Office would react to this retched time of year.

1. When your professor gives you a study guide.

2. After you spend countless hours studying in the library.

3. When the class just doesn't make sense.

4. When you do better than that one smart kid.

5. When your mom asks how finals are going.

6. When there is no hope to improve your grades.

7. When you have an 8 a.m. final.

8. When you successfully pull an all nighter.

9. After you finish your last final.

10. When your college brings in puppies to de-stress.

11. When you know there is no hope.

12. When you spend all of your money on coffee and pizza.

13. Just thinking of finals week.

14. Every professor ever.

15. When you just can't study anymore.

16. The first thought after your finals are done.

17. When your professor offers extra credit.

18. When finals week is finally over!

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