18 Things Only Brussels Griffon Owners Will Understand

18 Things Only Brussels Griffon Owners Will Understand

You can't tell if your dog is really really cute... or really really ugly.

"WHAT KIND OF DOG IS THAT?"—is probably the question you hear most often as a Brussels Griffon owner. Whether or not you knew about #grifflife before you adopted your furry best friend, you know now that being a Brussels Griffon owner is just about the best thing in the world. The tiny, eccentric dog breed delivers everything you could ever ask for in a best friend.

If you're lucky enough to be a mom or dad to a Brussels Griffon, you know you can relate to the following:

1. "Is that a baby pug?"

Um, no. Not even close. If you own a Petite Brabancon—aka a short hair Griffon—you get this on the reg.

2. Your pupperoni likes to be held like a baby, literally.

You know grabbing your dog by the tummy and holding them like some sort of peasant pup is a big no no. Brussels Griffons like you to support their little butts and use your arm like a cradle—just like a human baby. It's even better when they take their front paws and wrap their little arms around your neck. *swoon*

3. Hearing your little furry best friend snore might just be the cutest thing in the world.

SO. PRECIOUS. And they're probably just dreaming about you holding them.

4. But it's even better to hear your dog bark.

Your Griffon's bark is so tiny and soft that you've had people accuse you of taking out their voice box. Um, no. They come like that. Pint-sized.

5. Your dog does not play well with others. (Unless it's another Brussels Griffon.)

All that cuteness comes with a side of snob. Brussels Griffons usually only love their own kind. Being in a #GriffonGang is a very exclusive club.

6. But they still think they can hang with the big dogs.

Every Griffon owner has that panicky moment when their little pupper tries to playfully bite a Great Dane, Mastiff, or other loveable large doggo. You know it could be over in two seconds.

7. You know their favorite seat in the house is your lap.

They are the definition of a velcro dog.

8. If you weren't into beards before adopting, you definitely are now.

A Brussels' beard is just about the cutest little thing on Earth. They look like little old men.

9. You know that your dog is right on the line of really really ugly and really really cute.

Some days, you probably can't even decide yourself. (Just kidding, they are the cutest things to ever walk this Earth.)

10. You get told that your dog looks like Chewbacca/Gremlin/Alien/E.T./Dobby the House Elf ALL. THE. TIME.

They've definitely got a unique look. But it's one that melts your heart.

11. You've wasted your time trying to train them.

Brussels Griffons are the best dogs in the world if you're looking for a cuddle buddy and loyal companion. But they're a little bit stubborn. They'd rather have an hour long cuddling session on the couch than for you to try and get their rear ends to sit.

12. But you know they are as smart as can be.

Just because they don't like to be trained, doesn't mean they aren't smart little creatures. You know your Griffon is clever as can be. Whether it's convincing you to feed them more food, finding the best nap spot, or discovering the best little nook in the backyard, there's no doubt they are the sharpest tool in the small dog shed.

13. You know "the look."

Your dog always looks at you as if it's judging you. It's just their face.

14. Your dog has the biggest personality.

Small things come in big packages is right. You swear your dog is a literal human. Their faces let them show every thought they're thinking. So. Cute.

15. You love telling people all about Brussels Griffons.

Since adopting, you've basically become a spokesperson for the breed. The world would be a better place with more Griffons, for sure.

16. And you instantly bond when you meet another Brussels Griffon mom or dad.

You've started full-blown friendships just from sharing the same dog breed.

17. You could never ever imagine your life without them.

A Brussels Griffon is a life-long friend. They are truly the definition of perfection. They instantly fill your heart with so much joy and love.

18. Adopting him or her was the best decision you ever made.

Best. Friends. Forever.

Cover Image Credit: Emi Gutgold

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Utilize Infographics 

One of the ideal ways you can use to express what is on your mind to your digital book and blog perusers is by utilizing infographics. If you plan your infographic well, you will make your or blog to look awesome. 

Utilize SMO 

Web-based social networking is likewise an awesome device that you can use to flaunt your digital book or blog to your crowd. You can tell your adherents about your ebooks through web-based social networking. You can likewise give connects that your perusers can use to share your blog with others through web-based social networking. Online networking will likewise furnish you with the chance to associate with your gathering of people. 

Utilizing Memes 

Images are an extraordinary grub for online networking. This is on account of they are bits of writings, pictures or recordings that can be shared quickly by web-based social networking clients. Something worth being thankful for with images is that they are normally clever in nature. In the event that you incorporate images in your  blog, at that point be rest guaranteed to leave your perusers with somewhere in the range of few split ribs. Perusers will, accordingly, cherish your substance. It is additionally simple to make images. 

Nonetheless, when utilizing images for your blog, guarantee that you utilize them sparingly. This is on the grounds that in the event that you abuse them, you may downgrade the brand that your blog speaks to. 

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