18 Amazing Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know About
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18 Amazing Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know About

These can save you more time and money that should be spent #slaying it.

18 Amazing Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know About

Having trouble with keeping your makeup up to par like the makeup gurus all over youtube and Instagram? For those of us who struggle with even applying eyeliner, here's some tips and tricks for your beauty routine below:

1. Excess eye cream can be used to moisturize your nail cuticles

Dry cuticles can start to tear which looks rough and eventually hurts. Your cuticles need a little lovin' too.

2. Prime Your Face!

I cannot stress this enough. Face primer does wonders for the longevity and look of your face. Throughout the day some of us experience the dreaded shine from our foundations. Primer will not only help you from sweating off your makeup in the heat but will also protect your pores.

3. White eyeliner on your lower waterline makes your eyes appear larger

White eyeliner essentially makes the white's of your eyes larger and in return it makes eyes appear larger. White eyeliner can also help with eye redness. For girls with small or deep set eyes white eyeliner is your best-friend!

4. Balance Shimmer

We are now out of the 90's and our faces do not need shimmer in every feature. When doing a bold eye with shimmer match with a matte-colored lip stick. Vice versa for shimmery lips and matte eye-shadow. Balance is key.

5. Want bigger lips?

Place highlighter slightly above your cupid's bow on your top lip and in the center of lips both on top and bottom. This is essentially contouring for your lips. Even works with nude or matte lipsticks!

6. Over lining Lips the right way

If you can't resist the Kylie Jenner look than fear not! Her secret has been revealed: All you have to do is take a matte-nude lip liner and extend the lines as you please within reasonable range. Then after you lip line with your regular lip liner over the new boundaries you can add your lipstick!

7. Make your mascara last longer with one ingredient

Want your tube of mascara to last a little bit longer even though its dry? Take saline solution and add a few drops into the tube. The saline really helps to wet the formula.

8. Foundation Too Cakey? Try BB Cream


Whether you do not like the feeling of foundation on your face or it is just too hot outside for it to stay put, there is a solution! BB cream is tinted liquid formula that is thinner than foundation and still makes the same effect.

9. Clean makeup brushes once a week

Your makeup brushes contain a lot of bacteria and if you refrain from cleaning them it actually can cause a breakout. No one wants an extra zit so just clean your brushes with water and baby soap and set to dry for a few hours.

10. Clear nail polish can act as nail polish remover

Yep. If you have no nail polish remover just add a coat of clear liquid nail polish over the desired area and then wipe it off.

11. Add extra hair volume with this one product

To add volume to clean, dry hair use dry shampoo in place of a sticky gel. Not only does it smell awesome but it does not leave any crusty remains.

12. Replacement for Liquid Liner

Gel Eyeliner exists and it is awesome. If you cannot stand liquid liner try gel eyeliner. All you need is the gel and a small angled brush.

13. Fix split ends

Don't have time for a hair cut just yet? You can fix split ends with a flat iron and some pomade. It works wonders!

14. Flat Iron Hack

Never flat iron your hair while it is wet. Not only does it wreck your hair but it takes longer. If your hair is wet blow dry it or let it naturally dry and then flat iron. If you can skip a washing and let your hair oils stay on your hair while ironing. Less damage and less heat.

15. Lock in for creamy makeup

Translucent Powder on a big fluffy brush right over your makeup sets it for the rest of the day and lessens any unwanted shine.

16. Use dark glue for false eyelashes

False eyelashes are extremely difficult to apply to the majority of women. Most of the time they come with a stark white glue that gets all over your already perfected eye-makeup. If you have trouble with eye lash glue try using dark glue. It also blends in with the lash line for a more natural look.

17. Best time to moisturize

Moisturize out of the shower. Your skin contains less oil and the pores are open so the lotion will penetrate instead of staying on the surface.

18. Cat Eye Hack

Many of us cannot get the perfect cat eye if our lives depended on it. No worries! There are actually several options for this. You can use a stencil sold online and just fill in the gap when placed over your eye. Also, a spoon can be used to help keep lines straight and at the same angle. Lastly, you can use tape to create perfect lines for your eyeliner.

Hope this helps! Leave comments below for more beauty tricks and tips!

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