17 Times 'Grey's Anatomy' Spoke To College Students On An Emotional Level
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17 Times 'Grey's Anatomy' Spoke To College Students On An Emotional Level

Because sometimes it seems like "Grey's Anatomy" understands college students better than anyone else does.

greys anatomy crying scenes

"Grey's Anatomy" is the perfect show to binge watch in your room on a Saturday night, and a lot of college students do. So whether you've seen the show or not, here are 17 times college students felt like "Grey's Anatomy" understood them better than anyone else.

1. When you and your best friend avoid all your responsibilities to have a dance party instead

2. When someone else starts talking about how great their grades, body, and life are

3. When you've accepted the fact that your looks aren't going to improve anytime soon

4. When you're in line to get your morning coffee so that you can be nice and sociable for the day, but someone cuts in front of you

5. When someone asks what your problem is during a Wednesday class after you went out on Tuesday night

6. When you're up until 3 a.m. studying for a test you know you're going to fail

7. When a group project member (who may or may not have done most of the work) gets a better grade than you on an assignment

8. When you're drunk at a party and your best friend starts crying over a guy/girl

9. When you were positive you failed an exam, but once the professor hands them back during lecture, you find out you got a B

10. When someone questions your mood as if you're not a sleep-deprived college student constantly worried about grades, money, relationships, and working out.

11. When your friend begs you to go to a party where you don't know anyone

12. When it's finally the weekend

13. When your parents ask you, every time they call, how you're doing and what your grades are like

14. When you go home for the holidays and your relatives ask where your boyfriend/girlfriend is even though they know very well that you haven't had one since, like, the sixth grade

15. When your solution to every problem is stuffing your face with pizza, and you know your best friend won't judge you for it

16. When your parents ask where all your money went and give you a strange look when you tell them you spent it all on food

17. When basically anyone says anything to you

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