17 Things You Realize When You Go To SDSU

1. There is no love in the Love Library.

C’mon, you can’t really equate love with studying…however, if we’re talking BCB coffee on floor two then that’s a different story.

2. The farmer’s market is killing your bank account and you're okay with that.

Delicious food, every Thursday- it adds up.

3. You love the in-between-class doses of vitamin D.

San Diego blesses its residents with gorgeous weather. Finding a seat in a grassy area or even walking around is always lovely, especially when it’s under the sunshine.

4. You’re bound to learn the Greek alphabet.

Simply knowing the ABCs won't cut it on a campus where Greek Life is prevalent.

5. Why pay for a concert when the Open Air Theatre is so, well, “open”?

Concerts are in plain sight (and sound) right outside the library.

6. Mexican food tastes better after midnight.

I’m talking Sigma Chi Crunch Wraps from Trujillo’s at 2 in the morning.

7. Carefully time your trip to the ARC or get ready to be patient.

If you go during “busy” hours, which is the majority of the day, accessing equipment is a pain in the booty you're trying to build on the squat rack that's currently preoccupied.

8. Seeing dogs on campus is a blessing.

*Leaves class crying because final was impossible*

*Sees dog and day becomes 100 times better*

9. 8 a.m.s are hell, 9 a.m.s are tolerable.

That one hour really makes all the difference.

10. Your coffee tolerance is rising.

Sometimes a cup of coffee just doesn’t do the trick anymore…or two…or three…ah, might as well switch to espresso.

11. A lot of students care a lot about a lot.

There are so many passionate students putting on events, organizing progressive protests, and just doing stuff to show they care about something. It's rad.

12. It’s quite liberating not having to ask for permission every time you need to pee.

Bye bye hall passes, big bad college student in the house!

13. Skateboarders/bikers may be the death of you.

Crossing the bike lane just might be scarier than crossing the freeway. I’ve seen these speed racers take out a couple of students and it’s not pretty.

14. No one knows/cares if you wear the same outfit two days in a row.

Seriously. Your MWF peers don’t know you like your TTH ones do. Wear the comfy sweats, again.

15. A+ reviews are a procrastinator’s dream.

These incredibly helpful reviews may be a bit costly, but if you’re the type of student who skips lecturers and loves last-minute cramming, they're totally for you.

16. Don’t even bother checking Blackboard via Safari.

Can they just make it formattable already?! Sheesh.

17. If you're running late to class, might as well hit up Starbucks or BCB.

Better late than never (with a latte in hand, of course!)

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