17 Helpful Tips To Survive Sorority Rush Week
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17 Helpful Tips To Survive Sorority Rush Week

Don't be the one who gets burnt out!

17 Helpful Tips To Survive Sorority Rush Week
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Every girl that joins greek life goes through probably one of the longest weeks, maybe even two weeks, of their life. From meeting new people, talking to sisters from every chapter that is on campus, walking from house to house and stressing about what house you'll get into and get to call home for the rest of your life follow these simple 17 tips trust me you will not regret it. Get excited because you will soon be able to call a chapter your new home!!

1. Get a good night's sleep.

Whether it is the night before rush week starts or the night before bid day get a well rested night because trust me you are going to need it. You are most likely going to be up really early the morning to late a night and you are going to need all of your energy to keep up with everything. And no one likes talking to someone who is yawning in their face and complaining about how tired they are.

2. Eat a filling breakfast.

Most if not all the houses are going to offer you some sort of food or beverage depending on the round. Do not rely on the houses feeding you because that is not their responsibility to do so. Instead of eating cereal swap that out for some eggs and fruit which will keep you full much longer than cereal ever will.

3. Pack a bag with some essentials.

Throughout the day you're going to get a little sweaty, you'll want to touch up your make-up or you might want to fix your hair. So, pack a bag with some of the essentials that you might need. Your bag may include deodorant, some lipstick or lip gloss, a hair brush, oil blotting wipes and a mirror to make sure you will your best. You do not have to pack a huge bag a cross-body will be just fine.

4. Pack a snack!!

It is so important to not let yourself go too long without eating anything. I strongly suggest that you throw in a granola bar, some pretzels or anything that does not make your breath smell into your bag along with all of your essentials. Depending on how your school does rush week you should be allowed a time to eat lunch if that time is later in the day you know you are not going to go hungry and starve because you packed yourself something to eat in between rounds.

5. Stay hydrated.

This is so important to do because you are going to be doing a lot and will have very little time to take a break. So please drink a lot of water throughout the day so you do not pass out from dehydration or become dizzy and have to sit down. Throw in a bottle of water along with your snack and essentials and if it doesn't fit in your bag you can always carry it and ask your RC or whoever is waiting at the house to hold your water while you go in for your round and you'll grab it on your way out. You will thank yourself later for packing that bottle of water.

6. Do not be rude or mean to a sister who is rushing you.

Please, please, please do not be rude to anyone what so ever. I know it is crazy that I have to include this tip but people have been rude or mean to sisters who were rushing them. Do not talk about another chapter in a bad way or brag about one that you want to someone who is not in that chapter because the end result will not work out in your favor.

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7. Be yourself!

Do not act like someone else just to fit in with that chapter because a sister can tell when someone is not being their true self. Just act like your normal goofy self because that is what chapters want to see who you really are not someone you're not. In the end, it will all work out.

8. Get to know the girls in your rush group.

Do not be that person who thinks that you are "too cool" to get to know girls in your group and you only have to be friends with girls in your chapter. You never know one of the girls in your group might end up being one of your sisters. And you get to have friends in different chapters which makes the experience a lot more fun.

9. Make friends with girls in different rush groups.

Just like girls in your rush group there is going to be girls from other groups that will be your sisters. You get to make more friends during the process and you all get to share this amazing experience together.

10. If you need help or have any questions do not be afraid to ask.

You are not alone and chances are someone else is going to have the same question you might have, so just ask if you are not sure. You have an RC for a reason to help guide you through the process and is there to answer any question you may have. From outfit ideas to where to meet the next day your RC (recruitment counselor) is there as a resource and will always be there to help you out.

11. Dress to impress.

This is the time to express yourself through your clothing. Do not hold back and wear what you feel comfortable in, just make sure it goes with the theme for that round. Stay away from anything body-con, short and/or see through. You want to dress classy and put some effort into your look.

12. Do no dress like you are going to a club or party.

Nobody wants to every knock and cranny that you have this is not the time or place to be wearing that new dress you got for going out with your friends save that for a later date. Dress as if you are going to a fancy brunch with your family. Think to yourself "would you really wear this in front of your family?" and if the answer is no, then hang it back up.

13. Go easy on the make-up.

The more natural the better. You do not need to overload on the make-up just keep it plain and simple. No need to look like you are about to hit up the club with all of you friends.

14. Do not freak out.

Take a deep breath. Everything is going to be okay and it will all work out in the end. I know this is a scary and stressful time but trust me do not freak out just take it day by day and in the end you will be more than happy.

15. Trust the process

Please go into this process open minded and forget about what other people have said about different chapters. The only opinion that matters is yours. You know the saying, "Everything happens for a reason"? Well, there is a reason why you ended up in a certain chapter. It can be from the girls liking your personality to you connected with many of the sisters from all of the different rounds. Don't get upset over not getting into the chapter that you really wanted there was a reason that you did not get into that certain chapter. In the end you end up where you are meant to be and hopefully you will be happy with the outcome.

16. Have fun!

This is such an exciting time in your life you are finding the chapter that you get to call home for the rest of your life. You get to make lasting friendships with so many people through the process and most importantly you will find your new home and add a new chapter to your life.

17. Get excited for bid day and the rest of your experience within your chapter!!

The day that you have long awaited is finally here!! Get excited because later on in the day you finally find out where you get to call home. Take every opportunity that is thrown your way. Do not by shy put yourself out there and make new friends!! Enjoy the new chapter in your life and have the greatest time of your life!

We have all been there being the new member group and feeling awkward talking to new people and putting yourself out there. Do not be shy all the sisters are soo happy that you are apart of their chapter and are excited to me you all. Have fun because in a blink of an eye you will be graduating and you might with to go through the process all over again. Have fun and enjoy your new home!!

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