17 Conan Gray Lyrics That Transform Your Instagram Captions Into Pop Perfection
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17 Conan Gray Lyrics That Transform Your Instagram Captions Into Pop Perfection

Treat your followers to a caption amalgamation of catchy chaos and angsty diction.

17 Conan Gray Lyrics That Transform Your Instagram Captions Into Pop Perfection

If you don't know who Conan Gray is, let me put you on something. The following lyrics will fit your Instagram game like a glove, with suggested scenarios in which these captions make the most sense.

1. "Curfews at midnight, we watch the sunrise."

- 'Idle Town'

This lyric exists as an apt and useful option for late-night photoshoots with pals or even to capture the grogginess of your early morning hike pictures.

2. "You may think you’re winning, but checkmate."

- 'Checkmate'

Perfect for a thirst trap or a photo that shows off your post-relationship-glow-up.

3. "Cause at this rate of earth decayOur world's ending at noonCould we all just move to the moon?"

- 'Generation Why'

I feel like this line is just (unfortunately) relevant for any young person drawing breaths in 2020.

4. " Just let me be sad and lonely."

- 'Crush Culture'

Again, the relatability is palpable. Utilize this lyric when you post a pouty selfie or an obvious self-timer picture.

5. "Can't redo what's already doneCan't compete 'cause I've already won."

- 'Lookalike'

I can see this line complementing senior year or graduation photos.

6. "This hurt that I'm holding's getting heavyBut I'mma keep a smile on my shoulders 'til I'm sweaty."

- 'Comfort Crowd'

An artistic replacement for "smiling away the pain" captions.

7. "Crush culture makes me wanna spill my guts."

- 'Crush Culture'

No new relationship post with your cute significant other is complete without this angsty lyric.

8. "Getting good at saying, 'gotta bounce'."

- 'Wish You Were Sober'

For the Class of 2020.

9. "We had magic, but you made it tragic."

- 'Maniac'

From one of Gray's most iconic songs, this line as a caption would guarantee that one of your clutch followers will finish the lyrics in your comments.

10. "All these kids have got affluenza."

- 'Affluenza'

This clever pun fits with grainy landscape photos of your local suburbia.

11. "Building me up, but buttercup you lied. Now I'm gonna ruin your life."

- 'Checkmate'

Sassy words to match your squad's going out to party getup.

12. "Could you be my best friend?"

- 'Could We Be Friends'

I think this line could be adorable for a couples post - perhaps an anniversary.

13. "They say money can't buy you no love, but a diamond cheers you right up."

- 'Affluenza'

This line is the equivalent of how rewarding payday feels; use Gray's words when you feel like a million bucks in your post.

14. "Could I get a rewind? Get another chance, take it back in time."

- 'Little League'

15. "I can't be your lover on a leash."

- 'The Cut That Always Bleeds'

16. "When we were youngerWe wore our hearts out on our sleevesWhy did we ever have to leave?"

- 'Little League'

Use this line for graduation photos galore or childhood throwbacks - anything that appeals to nostalgia.

17. "Just wait and seeIt's not the end of the story."

- 'The Story'

I can see this line for academic, professional, locational, or relational announcements.

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