17 Basic Christmas Gifts College Students Actually Want
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17 Basic Christmas Gifts College Students Actually Want

We will never say no to cold, hard cash.

17 Basic Christmas Gifts College Students Actually Want

Christmas time is around the corner and since Halloween is over, my mind has been in the Christmas mood. Peppermint Mochas are out, people are already listening to Christmas music, and I'm wrapped up in my fuzzy snowmen blanket. Let's be honest, Thanksgiving is irrelevant. Bring on the snow and finals (but more the snow and less the finals).

If you are thinking about what to buy a relative that is in college or for a friend, here are a few suggestions.

1. Starbucks gift cards

Saving meal plan dollars, one peppermint mocha at a time.

2. Sweatshirts

Walking on campus in the winter is cold and college students' winter wardrobe mainly consists of sweatshirts.

3. Fuzzy socks

For girls or whoever likes to rock them. You can catch college students wearing fuzzy socks with boots, tennis shoes, converse, and even Birkenstocks.

4. Amazon firestick

They are cheap and great, and even better if they know someone who can work a little magic on it... if you know what I mean ;)

5. Microwave cooking cookbook

Only if the recipes are easy and foolproof.

6. Yeti Tumblers

Yetis are big with college kids. They come in a ton of colors, but some students cover them with stickers.

7. Bluetooth speaker

The super cheap ones break all of the time, so a super nice and a little more expensive one is a great investment.

8. Redbubble stickers

Speaking of stickers, they're great for Yetis as well as to cover laptops.

9. Vests

Whether you're a frat star or just cold, vests are great for layering and make any outfit look a little more put together.

10. Anything with greek letters for those in greek life

Being in a Greek organization, I love to show off my letters and get anything with them as a gift.

11. Apple Watch

Tons of college kids have one. They're great for fitness purposes, as well as texting in class.

12. Anything for their future apartment/house

The best part about apartment and house hunting in college is thinking about what decor you are going to put on the walls.

13. Makeup

Girls love makeup and would love you even more if you got them the Jaclyn Hill palette.

14. Headphones

Headphones break so easily, as well as get lost easily. Backup pairs always come in handy the 20 times a week they grow legs and walk away.

15. Extra phone chargers

I went through 4 phone chargers my freshman year. Now, I'm still on my first but I have no backups for when this one goes out. They can sometimes be unintentionally stolen by friends "borrowing" them.

16. Money for tuition...

We'd love if you paid our debt.

17. ...Or just money for whatever they want

Especially food or even drinks if you are of age.

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