Every day with Donald Trump in office, he amazes me and millions of others in America with his unfit presidential habits from his impulsive decision making, to tweeting threats to Kim Jong Un, having insanely weird hair, and drinking water oddly during speeches.

I’m here to tell you some suitable candidates that would more than likely lead our country better than our current president, Donald Trump.

1. Me (maybe)

I don't know I can barely keep my own life put together, let alone America's. I could still at least TRY better than Trump does.

2. Kim Kardashian

She might be a little dramatic sometimes, but not to the point where she would tweet bomb threats to another country.

3. My little brother/sister

I've seen my brother build amazing LEGO sets, so I feel like he could build our country back up from the negativity that has been thrown at it.

4. Any one of the Kardashians

Honestly, any of the Kardashian family members would do, including Kylie and Kendall.

5. Will Ferrell

Funny, and nice. Also, doesn't golf all day instead of doing his job.

6. My dog/cat

Caring, kind, furry, and just might be smarter.

7. A first grader

Might not have a political background yet, but they will most likely have more common sense.

8. Lil Wayne

He would give amazing speeches behind that podium that would rhyme and make sense.

9. Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreation)

If she can make Pawnee, IN better than she can make America better too with her over-achiever attitude and loyalty.

10. Or Amy Poehler in general

With her running our country it would be nothing but smiles and happiness, and Tina Fey would be her go-to vice president. Dynamic duo that would give us hope again.

11. My neighbor

I don't even talk to him but I just know there's some potential there.

12. Paris Hilton

So what if she replies everything with, "that's hot." It's better than half of the stuff that comes out of Trump's mouth.

13. A Dolphin

Even this aquatic animal wouldn't do us wrong.

14. A rock

Yep, a freaking inanimate object.

15. Zooey Deschanel

YES, she has my vote.

16. Michael Scott ("The Office")

He manages Dunder Mifflin Paper Company with ease and everyone loves him.


17. Ellen Degeneres

C'mon now who wouldn't want her peppy and enthusiastic self-being our president?

18. Literally, anyone else.


If I forgot some honorable mentions, feel free to comment those candidates. These are just considerations in order for a better ran country. We all miss you Obama and want you back, love you, XOXO, America.