17 Amazing Things That Have Happened In 2017

17 Amazing Things That Have Happened In 2017

It hasn't all been bad!

2017 has been a year that has proved to have many devistating and life-altering things happen. From shootings to terrorist attacks to an abundance of natural disasters. Hoever, there have been quite a few uplifting things that have happened this year. so take a look on the positive side as we say goodbye to 2017 and hello to 2018.

1. We're getting really close to eradicating the second disease from the planet

At the start of 2015 there were just 126 cases of Guinea Worm left on Earth, now there are only 5!

2. The first Zero Waste Shop in the United Kingdom has opened.

Customers bring in their own reusable packages or jars in order fill them up with whatever they need.

3. A homeless man who helped young survivors of the Manchester attack was given a home.

A Go-Fund-Me was created shortly after the attack and raised enough money to rent a flat for the man for 6 months.

4. A town came together to surprise a boy who is allergic to sunlight but turning night into day.

Watch the video here .

5. Mexico protects the largest ocean reserve in North America.

There more than 57,000 square miles of the ocean that are teeming with 37 species of sharks and rays, four species of threatened sea turtles, and 366 species of fish, 26 of which can be found only in this part of the world.

6. LEGO reached its 100% renewable energy goal 3 years early.

After expending almost $1 billion in investments, LEGO has finally achieved its target of balancing 100% of the energy used by all of its factories, offices, and stores worldwide, with clean renewable energy.

7. World’s largest air purifier transforms Chinese smog into actual diamonds.

The Chinese smog that is accumulated by the air filter is the equivalent of smoking 17 cigarettes per day.

8. India bans circuses from using wild animals for exhibition.

The nation’s Central Zoo Authority passed an order stating that circuses would no longer be allowed to use wild animals for exhibition or performance.

9. Military sons tell their mom that not everyone gets care packages so she sends 10,000 boxes.

Help LeAnn Boudwine by making a donation here .

10. US city long known for coal announces pledge to pursue 100% renewable energy.

St Louis, a city that currently gleans about 80% of its energy from coal-powered sources, announced plans to become 100% dependent on renewable energy by the year 2035.

11. New Zealand government announced plans to plant 1 billion trees.

Their goal is to get to zero emissions and to take an aggressive stance against climate change in the future

12. Child labor rates cut by almost half this year.

More kids are getting the opportunity to have a childhood.

13. AIDs is no longer the leading cause of death in Africa.

Thanks to the tireless efforts devoted to education and treatment of the disease there has been a 24% decrease in the last 5 years.

14. Pakistan opens first ever Violence Against Women Center.

Pakistan is taking steps towards better gender equality by opening up 36 different Violence Against Women Centers nationwide.

15. California teen raises $15,000 to send a Holocaust survivor to Israel.

Drew Principe sent out letters explaining why he wanted the money to friends and family members and was able to send author Henry Oster to Israel.

16. Renewable energy now employs almost 10 million people worldwide.

Renewable energy isn't just good for the environment.

17. Thousands of Indian doctors fight sexism by delivering baby girls for free.

In light of Indian families berating mothers for giving birth to girls instead of boys, Dr. Ganesh Rakh started delivering female babies for free. 17,000 other medical officials have joined him in his efforts.

Cover Image Credit: Brigitte Tohm

Popular Right Now

Reevaluating My Feminism

I am a feminist because I believe in the power of women.

I’ve considered myself a feminist since my junior year of high school. At the time, I barely knew what that meant, only that I wanted women to have the same opportunities and rights as men. I knew what the wage gap was if only the most basic understanding; I knew that certain professions were looked down on for being “women’s work." I also knew that the girls in my elementary school for bullied by the boys for being too girly and too feminine. I knew that femininity was something women were expected to project, but too much meant that we were ditzy, annoying and uncool.

As I’ve gotten older, I've learned that feminism is flawed. The first two waves were racially exclusive, with notable suffragettes like Susan B. Anthony talking bad about black women. The current wave of feminism (third or fourth, depending on your opinion) is trying its best to be inclusive, but it still falls short. I often feel that I am left out of conversations on intersectional feminism. Where is a Mexican woman’s place in the revolution?

Feminism tends to cater to cisgender upper-class white women and that doesn’t leave a lot of room for women who don’t fit those standards. Even the second annual Women’s March catered to those women. There’s nothing wrong with including cisgender upper-class white women, but those shouldn’t be the only women lifted up.

And yet, with all that being said, I am still a feminist.

I am a feminist because I believe in the power of women. If conversations about feminism don’t include me, I will include myself. If they don’t include trans women, women of color or poor women, I will bring them into the conversation. As Midy Aponte said, “If you don’t have a seat at the table, bring your own chair.”

I know that change begins from within, and if I am unhappy with some parts of feminism, I can make the change to be better. I am the change I want to see in the world. I am constantly checking my feminism to make sure that I'm standing up for all women, not just women like me. As Audre Lorde said, “I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own.”

Where my feminism falls short, I will take a step back and educate myself. Where it's not my place to speak on other’s behalf, I will listen. Where it is my path to march, I will.

Cover Image Credit: Christina Madueno

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Oprah Shouldn't Run for President

and neither should any other celebrities.

Oprah gave a great speech at the Golden Globes, sure. However, a great speech doesn't mean you should launch a Presidential campaign. Neither does years of talk show hosting and giving away free cars. The Presidency of the United States isn't a gig built or designed for men and women who made their way through television and the internet. No, instead it's built for men and women who study and work for years in the job they're running for.

Donald Trump was a fun experiment into what a celebrity in the Oval Office may be like, but it has quickly worn thin. I think we can all agree another 250 or so years before another celebrity seems like a good minimum, at least.

Here's the thing about Oprah: she has no political or business experience. Donald Trump at the least was a multi-billionaire who ran an international real estate empire and could tout that as a pro for the economy. Oprah can tout her car giveaway skills, or maybe her elegance in speech-giving, but that's not going to get anyone very far in the terms of national politics.

In 2016, we had over fifteen really good, qualified politicians who ran for the White House and position as "Leader of the Free World." However, none apparently stood a chance against the Celebrity himself, Donald Trump. Since his election, Donald Trump has spurred a lot of very unqualified individuals into running for office, like Chelsea Manning, and given rumors about even more, like Kid Rock or Tim McGraw.

A celebrity politician has appeal. It's fun, fresh, interesting to talk about, and everyone already knows the person in question, probably a little too well. Yet, none of the same rules apply. Sex scandals mean nothing to these celebrities political careers apparently, their lack of experience is touted as a pro rather than a con, and digging up dirt is relatively easy, yet meaningless, as most everyone already knows it, or at the least expects it, anyways.

Celebrities can bring some unique things to the political table. They can drum up support for controversial topics they believe in, lead national campaigns like #MeToo, or they can even endorse politicians and help lend them votes. What isn't helpful however, is when they actually seek the office.

Oprah is uniquely unqualified to be President, and the fact that one really passionate speech at the Golden Globes drums up support and rumors of a 2020 run concerns me. The Presidency of the United States used to be a far-fetched, important, and specific job. Now, it's turning into a resumé booster for celebrities whose careers are just a bit past peak.

So, Oprah, and other celebrities, please take your money and fame and keep it in Beverly Hills. I don't like a lot of politicians, but they're predictable and at least somewhat experienced and that's perfectly okay with me.

Cover Image Credit: NoInvite

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