17 Amazing Things That Have Happened In 2017

17 Amazing Things That Have Happened In 2017

It hasn't all been bad!

2017 has been a year that has proved to have many devistating and life-altering things happen. From shootings to terrorist attacks to an abundance of natural disasters. Hoever, there have been quite a few uplifting things that have happened this year. so take a look on the positive side as we say goodbye to 2017 and hello to 2018.

1. We're getting really close to eradicating the second disease from the planet

At the start of 2015 there were just 126 cases of Guinea Worm left on Earth, now there are only 5!

2. The first Zero Waste Shop in the United Kingdom has opened.

Customers bring in their own reusable packages or jars in order fill them up with whatever they need.

3. A homeless man who helped young survivors of the Manchester attack was given a home.

A Go-Fund-Me was created shortly after the attack and raised enough money to rent a flat for the man for 6 months.

4. A town came together to surprise a boy who is allergic to sunlight but turning night into day.

Watch the video here .

5. Mexico protects the largest ocean reserve in North America.

There more than 57,000 square miles of the ocean that are teeming with 37 species of sharks and rays, four species of threatened sea turtles, and 366 species of fish, 26 of which can be found only in this part of the world.

6. LEGO reached its 100% renewable energy goal 3 years early.

After expending almost $1 billion in investments, LEGO has finally achieved its target of balancing 100% of the energy used by all of its factories, offices, and stores worldwide, with clean renewable energy.

7. World’s largest air purifier transforms Chinese smog into actual diamonds.

The Chinese smog that is accumulated by the air filter is the equivalent of smoking 17 cigarettes per day.

8. India bans circuses from using wild animals for exhibition.

The nation’s Central Zoo Authority passed an order stating that circuses would no longer be allowed to use wild animals for exhibition or performance.

9. Military sons tell their mom that not everyone gets care packages so she sends 10,000 boxes.

Help LeAnn Boudwine by making a donation here .

10. US city long known for coal announces pledge to pursue 100% renewable energy.

St Louis, a city that currently gleans about 80% of its energy from coal-powered sources, announced plans to become 100% dependent on renewable energy by the year 2035.

11. New Zealand government announced plans to plant 1 billion trees.

Their goal is to get to zero emissions and to take an aggressive stance against climate change in the future

12. Child labor rates cut by almost half this year.

More kids are getting the opportunity to have a childhood.

13. AIDs is no longer the leading cause of death in Africa.

Thanks to the tireless efforts devoted to education and treatment of the disease there has been a 24% decrease in the last 5 years.

14. Pakistan opens first ever Violence Against Women Center.

Pakistan is taking steps towards better gender equality by opening up 36 different Violence Against Women Centers nationwide.

15. California teen raises $15,000 to send a Holocaust survivor to Israel.

Drew Principe sent out letters explaining why he wanted the money to friends and family members and was able to send author Henry Oster to Israel.

16. Renewable energy now employs almost 10 million people worldwide.

Renewable energy isn't just good for the environment.

17. Thousands of Indian doctors fight sexism by delivering baby girls for free.

In light of Indian families berating mothers for giving birth to girls instead of boys, Dr. Ganesh Rakh started delivering female babies for free. 17,000 other medical officials have joined him in his efforts.

Cover Image Credit: Brigitte Tohm

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An Open Letter to the Person Who Still Uses the "R Word"

Your negative associations are slowly poisoning the true meaning of an incredibly beautiful, exclusive word.

What do you mean you didn't “mean it like that?" You said it.

People don't say things just for the hell of it. It has one definition. Merriam-Webster defines it as, "To be less advanced in mental, physical or social development than is usual for one's age."

So, when you were “retarded drunk" this past weekend, as you claim, were you diagnosed with a physical or mental disability?

When you called your friend “retarded," did you realize that you were actually falsely labeling them as handicapped?

Don't correct yourself with words like “stupid," “dumb," or “ignorant." when I call you out. Sharpen your vocabulary a little more and broaden your horizons, because I promise you that if people with disabilities could banish that word forever, they would.

Especially when people associate it with drunks, bad decisions, idiotic statements, their enemies and other meaningless issues. Oh trust me, they are way more than that.

I'm not quite sure if you have had your eyes opened as to what a disabled person is capable of, but let me go ahead and lay it out there for you. My best friend has Down Syndrome, and when I tell people that their initial reaction is, “Oh that is so nice of you! You are so selfless to hang out with her."

Well, thanks for the compliment, but she is a person. A living, breathing, normal girl who has feelings, friends, thousands of abilities, knowledge, and compassion out the wazoo.

She listens better than anyone I know, she gets more excited to see me than anyone I know, and she works harder at her hobbies, school, work, and sports than anyone I know. She attends a private school, is a member of the swim team, has won multiple events in the Special Olympics, is in the school choir, and could quite possibly be the most popular girl at her school!

So yes, I would love to take your compliment, but please realize that most people who are labeled as “disabled" are actually more “able" than normal people. I hang out with her because she is one of the people who has so effortlessly taught me simplicity, gratitude, strength, faith, passion, love, genuine happiness and so much more.

Speaking for the people who cannot defend themselves: choose a new word.

The trend has gone out of style, just like smoking cigarettes or not wearing your seat belt. It is poisonous, it is ignorant, and it is low class.

As I explained above, most people with disabilities are actually more capable than a normal human because of their advantageous ways of making peoples' days and unknowingly changing lives. Hang out with a handicapped person, even if it is just for a day. I can one hundred percent guarantee you will bite your tongue next time you go to use the term out of context.

Hopefully you at least think of my friend, who in my book is a hero, a champion and an overcomer. Don't use the “R Word". You are way too good for that. Stand up and correct someone today.

Cover Image Credit: Kaitlin Murray

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Sorry People, But #BelieveWomen Is #UnAmerican

Presumption of innocence is a core American value


There's a saying: "Lack of faith and blind faith - both are equally dangerous". Believing sexual assault accusers who are women just because they are women besides being the very definition of sexist - prejudice based on sex - is setting a harmful precedent on the way justice is served in this country. See, what this movement has done is changed justice from "prove guilt" to "prove innocence", an important and incredibly dangerous difference. Where is the due process that our Founding Fathers envisioned, fought, and died for?

Due process is an integral part of the reason why we have the United States of America. It was so important to our Founding Fathers that they included it in the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eight (the Bill of Rights), and Fourteenth Amendments of the Constitution. It galls me to see how privileged modern day feminists are - so privileged they seemingly forget the freedoms this country affords them, so they may live their life, expect liberty, and be unhindered in their pursuit of happiness.

#BelieveWomen is a vigilante movement - and with vigilante justice the innocent always hang with the guilty, one of the very reasons for due process. I've heard the argument it's better to let innocent men rot in jail than have rapist men walk free, an argument, despite being incredibly moronic and unAmerican, that would not be made if the accused was a man close to the woman's heart. Because with the change to "prove innocence", the assumption will be guilt, and a confirmation bias will be created. Whereas if the assumption is innocence, the jury must be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime has occurred. I understand that a high percentage of rape accusations are truthful (I believe the number is in the high 90s), but the small percentage that are not means we cannot, in good conscience, assume guilt. To assume would damn some men to a fate they do not deserve, a fate they would have to endure simply because of their sex. Any real feminist should be appalled at how sexism is implicitly encouraged in this movement.

If you choose to #BelieveWomen in spite of everything I outlined, that is your prerogative, but you must #BelieveAllWomen. If your father, husband, boyfriend, or son gets accused, you must #BelieveWomen and stand with their accuser. Any less and your feminist privilege will show. Vocal #MeToo activist Lena Dunham has already shown her privilege - accusing actress Aurora Perrineau of lying about being assaulted by her friend Murray Miller. When the going gets hard, feminists rarely stick to their principles. And sadly, feminism - and the double standards it always brings - rears its ugly head once again.

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