16 Things You've Probably Texted Your Sisters If You're Close

There is no doubt in my mind that my sisters are my God-given best friends. And for that, I'm extremely grateful. Some sisters don't talk that often because they're living their best lives but my sisters still manage to talk to me every day. Our group chat is poppin'. When a day passes without an update on one of our lives, I think something is wrong.

My older sister and I have been keeping it a secret that I am also visiting my family in California. Eliza, my little sister, has no idea that the three of us will be reuniting for Thanksgiving.

Anyway, here are some things you've probably texted your sisters if you're close:

1. "Can you please send me some money? I promise I'll pay you back."

I promise I do always pay my sisters back...eventually whether it be actual money or love.

2. "I'm pooping."

There's no such thing as TMI. Plus toilet time is the prime time to send each other the latest funny tweets.

3. "Did you borrow my clothes again without asking?"

probably preceded by a

4. "That's mine!"

I mean, what truly is ours in life? Besides, you let me borrow it and never asked for it back...

5. "Send me Mom's info for FAFSA."

No funny gifs to find here. It's nice to have best friends that share the same mom as you. Thanks, Ma.

6. "Man, who's watching Hulu?!"

Get off! Let me catch up on my shows, please!

7. "Do you have any coupons for Bath and Body?" or any other store.

Girl's trying to save where she can! (This gif is for my shady little sister who asked my older sister and me if we had any coupons).

8. "I hate you!" in a playful way, of course.

9. Then the real "I hate you! I wish you were never born!"

usually within an hour, followed by a

10. "I love you so much!!!"

What a stressful hour it's been wondering if my sister really meant it.

11. "I can't wait to see you!"

*Cue all of the squeals*

12. "Can I FaceTime you and vent please?"

There's nothing like a three-hour video call with your best friend that lives across the country to make you feel better.

13. "Ugh I don't like her."

So with a little convincing (it honestly does not take much,) you, by default, hate her too.

14. "You're the best."

No, you're the best! (And she is very well aware of that.)

15. "I'm bored, wanna go shopping?"

Nothing like having someone to do everything with you!

16. "I miss you being across the hall from you."

I miss living with my sisters so much. It's hard during the holidays because we have so many traditions that my older sister and I have to do without Eliza now. It stinks being so far away from each other because nothing beats a friendship that was forged due to always being with each other. In all honesty, it's not until we got a little older than we became super close.

To my wonderful sisters, I love you with my entire heart. Thank you for always being supportive and sticking up for me. I'll always do the same.

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