16 Things Every 'Wowie' Experiences
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Student Life

16 Things Every 'Wowie' Experiences

A memoir of being a Wowie.

16 Things Every 'Wowie' Experiences

As I finish up my first year at Cal Poly, I realized that being a "Wowie" wasn't so bad after all. Honestly, it had its perks. So I decided to make a compilation of just simple things I'll miss and definitely remember about being a Wowie.

1. Not ever having to starve because I was straight balling in plus dollars.

2. Being able to be that person that came in clutch because I had so many plus dollars.

3. Mostly spending my plus dollars on Starbucks every day to be honest.

4. Living on campus meant being able to wake up five minutes before class and still making it to class on time (unless you lived in PCV or Yosemite...life's rough for y'all).

5. Having the ability to make fifty new friends per day for the first month of college (but then you forget all their names and have random numbers in your cell phone you never recall saving).

6. Witnessing (if not participating in) the stupid sh*t that goes on in the common rooms of dorms (especially the towers).

7. Engaging in meaningless floor wars (it was so damn stupid but there was something fun about taking other people's chairs/beds/dignity).

8. Always having a daily dose of gossip because so-and-so probably hooked up with another person in the building to add to the dorm-cest

9. Having the energy, ability, and sanity to go out 3-4 times a week (honestly how the f*ck did I do that).

10. Getting to recuperate from all these night-outs with a late night breakfast burrito or waffle from VGs (VGs is only truly enjoyable and edible after these late nights).

11. Seeing all the walks of shame in the morning (don't think I can't see you, we all see you).

12. Being able to get off campus was like a vacation (because you felt like a prisoner by being confined to campus without a car).

13. Having to take the bus, everywhere (a simple twenty minute trip to Target turned into two hours cause of the buses).

14. Realizing the whole "Study 25-35 Hours a Week" was not a joke (if anything it was a lie because you had to study more like 4950283492 hours a week to even get a decent grade on an exam).

15. Attaching the sentence "Learn by Doing" behind every dumb choice you were about to make.

16. Making countless memories and friends you will have for a lifetime.

So yeah, I'm not going to lie to you incoming Wowies, sh*t gets rough, but don't take being a Wowie for granted. Participate in all your WOW activities. Rip up your "cool card." Let the upperclassmen yell "WOWIEEEEEEEEE" at you for the first several weeks of school (OK, this will go on for the entire year actually). Embrace being the clueless first year you are, because you will never get to experience being a Wowie ever again.

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