16 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Pre-Teen Self

16 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Pre-Teen Self

"You are strong. Hang tough."


1. Do not allow others to dictate your interests, style, or sense of humor. Being different is a beautiful thing.

2. You do not need to lose weight. Stop standing in the mirror and picking yourself apart.

3. Become accustomed to someone always being better than you. This is part of life.

4. Use your past as motivation, do not allow it to hold you back.

5. Not having a boyfriend does not lessen your value by any means. Keep your sense of independence.

6. Other people will point your flaws out to you constantly. Take it in stride. You are enough.

7. Do not be ashamed of your intelligence and eagerness to learn. Brains absolutely equal beauty.

8.Your true friends will reveal themselves and will stick by your side no matter what, cherish these people forever.

9. Once your confidence is stolen from you it's extremely difficult to restore. Hold onto each shred with everything you have.

10. Be polite, be respectful. Especially to those who do not deserve it. This will not only speak volumes about your character, but it will truly expose theirs.

11. Keep defending those who do not have a voice. You will catch a lot of flack for it, but you'll feel much better about yourself in the long run.

12. Stand up for what you believe in, even if it's an unpopular opinion. You deserve to have your voice heard.

13. People are very temporary at this time in your life. Don't stress over any one person too much.

14. Don't grow up too fast, don't wish your days away. Live in the moment as much as possible.

15. Hustle and heart will set you apart and your hard work will pay off big time. Continue to push yourself.

16. While it seems like these difficult times will last forever, so many amazing things lie ahead for you. You are strong. Hang tough.

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