15 Ways To Treat Your Girl Right
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15 Ways To Treat Your Girl Right

Told by a girlfriend.

15 Ways To Treat Your Girl Right
Courtney Foster

To the men out there who have a hard time figuring out the woman that they are in love with, who have a hard time figuring out how to make her happy because you can not, absolutely not read her. Who also have a hard time finding the right words to say when she needs to hear something moving, so this one, this one is for you.

1. Tell her that she is beautiful, constantly.

Not only is she beautiful on the outside, remind her that she is inside as well. Being beautiful is not all about her appearance, being beautiful is what makes her, her.

2. Don't let her forget how proud you are of her.

Women have crazy minds, minds that you will not understand. She will need reassurance every once awhile when her crazy life gets tough. Remind her, that her hard work is paying off and not to lose hope.

3. Do things for her randomly.

Do her laundry, surprise her with her favorite meal, play with her hair, surprise her with her favorite flowers, etc. Its the little things that she'll appreciate the most.

4. Be a good listener.

Your girl probably loves to talk to you, talk to you about everything. If she's having a bad day or something shook up her world, listen, just sit and listen to her.

5. Never ignore her.

Plain and simple. She will start to wonder if something is wrong with her and she will back off and not try anymore. Do you really want that?

6. Say sorry.

If you are fighting and you are in the wrong, please apologize to her. Never let her or yourself go to bed angry.

7. Tell her you love her and mean it.

Every time whether it is saying a good bye, tell her you love her. Tell her you love her before she falls asleep at night so she never has to go to bed wondering if you do. Tell her you love her even when you're mad at her and can't look at her. Tell her you love her every single day.

8. Hold her when she cries.

That is all she's going to want at that point. Just hold her as she cries and gets mascara all over your shirt. When she finally looks up at you, wipe her tears away. And tell her, "everything is going to be okay."

9. Slow dance with her.

It will melt her heart. Why should you do it? Just wait for her reaction and you'll be happy that you did.

10. Show her off.

Always, I mean always make her feel like the princess she really is. Make her feel like she's your world and that nothing else matters.

11. Always believe in her.

Even if she's wrong, believe in her anyways. Always stand by her decisions in life even if you think they aren't the right ones. Support her unconditionally through everything that is what she will always need from you. Simple belief.

12. Take care of her when she's sick.

Go get her some of her favorite chocolate, medicine, soup, and orange juice. Anything to make your girl feel better. Taking care of her lets her know how much you care for her. Girls love being taking care of, well, most girls. Some of them are stubborn, so if your girl is stubborn, take care of her anyways.

13. Be honest with her, tell her how you feel.

Even if you don't want to, tell her. She needs your honest opinion.

14. Give her space when needed.

If she needs space, give it. If she needs a night out on the town with her girls, give it to her. Let her have fun!

15. Always be her best friend.

Sing together during your car rides, make everything fun as it should be. Life with her seems so right. Being best friends with your girl, the girl you love to death, will be the most amazing feeling.

Love her unconditionally. Be oh so proud to have her, to call her "yours."

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