15 Ways To Bond With Your Roommates

15 Ways To Bond With Your Roommates

When in doubt... drink some wine.

Living situations can be quite stressful in college, especially if you are living with people you don't know very well or even at all. In order to get past that awkward stage, you have to get to know your roommates and bond with them. Here are 15 ways to bond with your roommates.

1. Write an article about ways to bond with them. Seriously, as I'm writing this article, I'm talking about it with my roommates and it's sparked some interesting stories and other ideas... such as '15 ways to lose a roommate' or '15 ways to convince them you're crazy.' Definitely learned some new things about them and got a pretty good ab workout in while laughing with them.

2. Workout together.. in the room. Last weekend one of my roommates and I decided to go on Pinterest and try out a bunch of different exercise routines. We ended up working out for a an hour and a half and laughing the other half hour because things got pretty goofy.

3. Wine night. What screams "bonding time" with your girls more than a glass of wine? Or two or three...

4. Craft night. Find something (I recommend looking on Pinterest) that is fairly easy and not too expensive to create and make a night out of it. I know my roommates and I plan on having a night where we decorate wine glasses together, but there are so many options!

5. Movie night. Find a movie you all love, get the snacks and pop it in the DVD player... or use Netflix because who uses DVD's anymore? Channel your inner Lorelei and Rory because the Gilmore Girls do movie night the best.

6. Do your homework together. Now this may not sound too fun, but you don't necessarily have to be talking constantly to bond. Just being together in the same room doing similar things can be enough to help you grow a little closer to each other.

7. Go to dinner (or any meal) together. Trekking to the dining hall, venturing off campus, or even cooking yourselves can be nice. It's like one big roommate date where you can share meals and stories together.

8. Stay in together on a weekend night. You don't have to go out and party to bond, you can easily stay in and have a girls night. Paint your nails, do some facials, grab some trashy magazines, order some Chinese takeout and just relax.

9. Go out together on a weekend night. Not much can beat a girls night out, because the memories that you'll make together will be priceless. Everyone loves a good "remember that time.." that they can reminisce on together.

10. Get off campus for a little while. Go on an adventure and explore your surroundings. Maybe there's a neat strip of stores downtown you can check out, or a place to get ice cream and mini golf.

11. Go on a day trip. Find the nearest beach, or seasonally appropriate place to visit, and go there for a day, because I wouldn't suggest going to the beach in the middle of the winter. You can even make a weekend out of it and take your roomies home with you to meet the family.

12. Go to a college sporting event. Dress up and show your college pride at a sporting event with all your roommates.

13. Pillow talk. For some reason, just before you fall asleep, you and your roommate just get really deep when you start talking.. or really goofy. Either way, you still get to know each other a little better.

14. Seasonal activities, such as carving pumpkins in the fall, ice skating in the winter, swimming in the summer, or go frolic in some meadows in the spring.

15. Just be open and honest with each other. You might as well get to know each other on a deeper level because you're going to be living with these people for a year.

Cover Image Credit: Jenna Virnelli

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Thoughts On Jessica Jones, Season Two

Spoilers ahead, proceed with caution!

Jessica Jones' season two has been called slow, sluggish, boring, awkwardly long, and countless other mediocre adjectives. Despite critical reviews, I actually found the second season of Marvel's Netflix show to be better than the first.

Everyone said that season two was missing Kilgrave - that it was not the same without David Tennant. And this is true - it is better without Kilgrave. After a few encounters with Kilgrave, the character quickly became old. Especially after he purchased Jessica's childhood home and lived with her there - his character felt old and forced and tired. How many failed plans and propositions from Kilgrave did the first season run through? How many excuses did Jessica give as to why she couldn't kill him? It felt like every episode presented a new excuse in order to prolong the season.

I'm not bagging on the series or its first season, but I do need to exaggerate in order to build my unpopular case.

Enter season two. The villain is less obviously the villain (post plot twist.) She was hard to root for but also hard to root against. We knew why she did what she did - who she wanted to protect and why. Kilgrave's motives were that of a typical comic book villain - control, power. Season two's main bad guy digs a bit deeper into what made her a killer. Whereas in season one Jessica had to constantly have an excuse for keeping Kilgrave alive and the season rolling - our hero in the second installment had a very obvious and constant reason to keep the antagonist without a snapped neck.

Another reason that I found season two to be better than the first is the characters. A longer season provided more opportunities to explore the characters that we loved or hated from the first season. I loved seeing Malcom learning the ways of a PI and coming into his own. I loved watching Jessica struggle not to just do what she wants and be with her apartment buildings suspiciously handsome super. I never thought I would come to hate Trish as much as I did, and never thought I would be rooting for Jeri Hogarth to manipulate someone into murder. What I am saying is that any character who seemed to be one dimensional and cliche (Hogarth), was given new depth and and a compelling story line that somehow was interesting.

Perhaps my favorite thing about season two was the flashback to Jessica's past and her super cute bartender boyfriend, Stirling. After seeing her in the same worn leather jacket every episode, we find out how she came across it! After hearing "I'll meet you at Alias" fifty times a minute, we learn how her PI firm got its name! Small Easter eggs like this are the best in my nerdy opinion. The show effortlessly presents to us the importance of this part of Jessica's life without going out of character - because Jess herself would never open up about her past. That would be far too convenient. Instead we get glimpses into how Jess works on the inside - how she feels and how she thinks.

Basically, I think Jessica Jones got better, and I'm super excited for Jess and Hellcat to blow me away in season 3.

Cover Image Credit: The Daily Beast

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The Best Greatest Showman Songs Based On Scene


Micheal Gracey's The Greatest Showman production was undoubtedly one of, if not the best, movies of this year. While most people focus on the songs presented in the movie, most fail to look behind the lyrics and meanings of each musical masterpiece. Looking deeper into the background makes the movie a better experience all together, and that much more relevant.

This piece will ultimately be a 3-part series on the grounds of the Odyssey's rough word count per article, as well as the desire to give each scene and song it's glory.

Even though they're all the blessings we didn't know we needed, based on movie scene, here is a list of the best Greatest Showman songs:

1. Never Enough

The first real intimate moment in Phillip and Anne's relationship happens when he grabs her hand during the song, catching her off guard, but pleasantly surprising her. When Phillip's parents notice their PDA, he lets go, and Anne abruptly walks away - their differences aren't enough for him.

On the side of the stage, P.T. Barnum is watching Jenny in awe, completely engaged in what she can do - foreshadowing how his circus persona will never be enough as he tries to climb to the top.

Jenny Lind watches the audience while singing, but turns to Barnum afterwards, representing her crush on the married man, as well as how her fame as an artist will not add up to how much it will mean for him to be hers.

In the audience, Charity Barnum, P.T.'s wife, catches a glimpse of what is happening between Barnum and Lind, and her eyes tell the worry about a potential inappropriate relationship happening - her love and their family together would not be enough for him during this ride.

2. From Now On

P.T. has been selfishly bargaining for his success, and lost perspective of the life he promised not only his wife, but kids.

The scene starts in a bar, which if we recall from earlier, is a place where "shots" are literally and figuratively taken advantage of. Here, P.T. has messed up his shot, and dreadfully regrets his actions by looking at his past.

His crew from the circus shortly joins him during, and remind him they will always look after them, and he promises the same back, but actually means it this time, in comparison to before.

Charity and P.T. reconnect on a beach (where they started in A Million Dreams) to signal another beginning to what they started, but lost for awhile. From that point on, their marriage will be a priority.

Phillip comes out of his coma, where Anne has been patiently waiting for him to wakeup. Their long awaited kiss happens, and the two break the evident barriers that always prevented them from being together. From that moment, they are no longer slaves to society's rules.

3. A Million Dreams

Charity grew up in wealth, while P.T. came from the streets. It all starts by the two sitting on a beach to discuss their futures that seem to be heading in complete opposite directions.

The house they play around in as children holds symbolic meaning for the actually appearance for their love shown to the world, which starts as ruined when it is hidden. When the two grow up and finally make loving each other their own, the house is revamped for them to live and continue their love in.

The lyrics also hold an obvious meaning of the dream of a relationship together that they both want so badly to happen, but their differences put that on hold until they come of age to prove Charity's parents wrong for discriminating against P.T. It also holds the meaning of adolesent dreams, when the whole world seems to be open for grabs.

The song ends with the both of them finally getting to achieve these dreams, and the start of their married life beginning.

Think these scenes were amazing? We're just getting started.

Cover Image Credit: Vogue

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