15 Family Members You WILL See This Thanksgiving, For Better Or Worse
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15 Family Members You WILL See This Thanksgiving, For Better Or Worse

The holiday that brings out the true family spirit since 1863.

15 Family Members You WILL See This Thanksgiving, For Better Or Worse

Eat. Drink. And wear stretchy pants. That's right it is the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year! First up on the list is Thanksgiving and besides all the glorious food, sweaters, and football games, we are most importantly thankful for family! There is no better holiday (except Christmas obviously) to celebrate your families dysfunctions, weirdness, differences, but most importantly your love for each other.

Here are 15 types of family members we run into at Thanksgiving.

1. The loud uncle screaming at the football game

For 3 hours just pray that the Patriots have the worst game of their lives so the other team can win and the rest of the house have some peace and quiet.

2.The grandma who is constantly serving more food

"Want some more pie? Turkey? Potatoes? Corn? Cake? Cookies? Soda?" Or how about some wine Grandma.

3.That one aunt and uncle who don't even know your name

"Oh, hey, Alisha how are you?"... it's Ashley aunt Martha... Ashley

4. Your favorite relative who you basically talk to the whole time

When everyone else asks "Hi how are you?" You reply with "Good!" But with this relative you reply "girl let me tell you..."

5. The cousin and his/her new boyfriend who are all lovey-dovey

They definitely don't mind Grandma taking their picture or anyone asking how they met. It's like a memorized script.

6. The grumpy cousin who sits in the corner in silence

Everyone slowly starts to wonder as the hours pass if they are plotting a murder, thinking of a world-renowned invention, or definitely just wants everyone to fall off the face of the Earth.

7. The one aunt who has 5-plus kids

Carl, Carl Jr., Carl Jr. the 3rd, Becky, Amy, Thomas, Sylvester, oh and of course Stacy need a whole separate table just to sit and eat.

8. The cousin who literally could eat the whole Thanksgiving feast themselves

Every. 5. Minutes. They literally are back up to either the dessert table or getting another plate of turkey and gravy. Their stomach must be the size of a camel.

9. The aunts who sit and gossip about "so-and-so's new hair"

They need a good hour of sitting and eating pie to laugh about the rude neighbor Becky down on Main Street who cut her hair and dyed it bright red.

10. The family member who asks you 200 questions to find out if you're becoming successful or not

"How's college? Meet any boys? How's your job? Have you got promoted yet? What kind of car do you drive? What's your GPA? What's your bank account balance? Etc...

11. The relatives who brag about their job and house and dog and everything

Oh yes, little Joe is just darling in his art class his teacher even says he's a junior Picasso! He definitely takes after me! And the class is only $700 pocket change.

12. Your siblings who you use as leverage when you need "a moment away"

So you've been sitting and talking to your aunt for an hour and you don't want to be rude but "hold on I think that's Carly upstairs calling me. Be right there!"

13. The cousin who is MIA until the holidays

You low key forget for the shortest amount of time that they were even part of the family and it can be really awkward.

14. The 5-year-old cousin who needs you to play Go Fish with them 23 times in a row

And once you start playing you realize that you've been playing it wrong because from a 5-year-olds perspective only they can get a match and if you get one you cheated.

15. The possibly drunk or extremely lazy uncle passed out on the couch

There is nothing to explain this image except laughter...

Happy Thanksgiving festivities to all the lovely families out there!
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