Nick Miller, a fictional character from the Fox sitcom series "New Girl," has taken a dwelling in a very warm and cozy place in the hearts of many fans of the show.

Through his dry humor and perfectly timed sarcasm, Nick continues to prove himself relatable on just about every level.

And if you're a college student in November, it becomes even more true. For instance:

1. When the alarm clock wakes you up in the morning:

2. When you sit down at a restaurant that is a little higher than your standards:

3. When humankind has disappointed you beyond belief and you no longer can make excuses for your species:

4. When you're asked about your achievements, but go blank on just about everything:

5. When you walk into class late:

6. When the teacher calls on you during class:

7. When you finally admit that your life is a complete mess:

8. When you totally forget how to flirt:

9. When you fall into a pit of self-doubt and question everything about yourself:

10. When someone points out that you look angry all of the time:

11. When you forget that you aren't the only one in the car:

12. When life has been going suspiciously well and you need a quick doom reminder:

13. When someone asks how your diet is going:

14. When you need to justify your laziness:

15. When you finally accept the life you are living: