15 Thoughts Everyone Has While Daydreaming In Class
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Student Life

15 Thoughts Everyone Has While Daydreaming In Class

It happens to the best of us.

15 Thoughts Everyone Has While Daydreaming In Class
Bop and Tiger Beat

Daydreaming during class; we've all been there. Whether you intend to or not you will end up zoning out and slipping into another world, at least once, during every one of your classes. There's nothing wrong with doing it, I guarantee that while you're daydreaming there's probably at least two other people doing it at the exact same time. So here are the 15 thoughts you have while daydreaming in class:

1. "Why is this class so boring?"

This question is the start of almost every single daydream trance that has ever occurred. I mean, if the class wasn't boring then you wouldn't have started to daydream in the first place. When your brain isn't being stimulated enough by the class then it's going to find other ways to occupy itself.

2. "Why did I even decide to take this class?"

When you were signing up for "The History of Paper Making" or whatever class you're in this past spring you figured you'd be able to handle it and earn yourself an easy A. Instead you're now spending your class time pondering why you ever thought this class was a good idea to take in the first place and wishing you were anywhere else in the world.

3. "I wonder what they're serving for lunch in the dining hall?"

Even if you're not hungry when you're brain is mostly glazed over I guarantee one of the first topics you turn to is food. Whether you're heading there right after class or still have a few hours to go you'll spend a few minutes thinking up what delicious food the dining hall is serving. Newsflash: it's never as good as you imagine it to be.

4. "What am I going to do this weekend?"

After a long week of classes, you want nothing more than to make the best of your weekend. And there's no better time to make plans than when you're daydreaming in class!

5. "I wonder if it's too late to drop this class?"

Yep, sometimes you get that desperate. Whether it's the annoying prof, boring subject matter or really no reason at all you'll wonder if you still have time to drop the class and take another one at least once.

6. "I wonder when that assignment is due?"

Even during daydreams and random thoughts you can't escape the harsh reality of school. Whether the assignment you're thinking about is for the class you're in or a different one you'll find yourself wondering when it's due. And hoping the answer isn't tomorrow.

7. "I wonder what would happen if I just got up and left?"

Sometimes you're just that bored. While you know you'll get in trouble for just randomly walking out in the middle of a lecture you can't help but wonder what it would feel like to just leave and do something you actually enjoy.

8. "Is anyone even paying attention?"

Unless someone is actively nodding or contributing to the discussion, pretty much everyone in the class looks like a glazed over zombie. Sometimes they're paying attention and sometimes they're off in la la land with you. But there really is no way to tell for sure.

9. "Why do I need to learn this in the first place?"

A lot of the classes you take in college don't really seem to be helpful or useful while you're taking it. Sure, it may seem stupid that you're required to take philosophy or public speaking while you're doing it, but I'm sure it'll come in handy in the future. Or not. Let's daydream for a few more minutes and really ponder that question.

10. "Would anyone notice if I closed my eyes? Just for a minute or two."

While daydreaming it's common for your eyelids to start to get heavy in hopes that you'll just nod off into a peaceful sleep. While sitting in a room with a bunch of people and a professor watching you is not the most optimal place to fall asleep it'll be pretty hard for you to keep your eyes open.

11. "How much time do we have left in this class?"

Without a doubt, I can say that class will feel like it's dragging on. At this point, it feels like you've been zoned out for hours when it's really only been a few minutes. If you weren't so concentrated on that one empty corner of the dry erase board your eyes would be checking the clock to see when you'll finally be set free.

12. "I wonder what Harry Styles is doing right now?"

Maybe you don't always think about Harry Styles. Maybe you do. But while you're daydreaming your thoughts will definitely drift to a celebrity, family member or friend and what they could possibly be doing in that very moment.

13. "I wonder what the minimum grade I can get on the final to pass is?"

Zoning out all the time in class isn't optimal if you want to get an A+, but it's perfectly okay to do if you're aiming for a C+ or B-. While you won't actually do the math right then (or ever) you can't help but hope it's a low-grade so you won't have to study.

14. "Did they just call on me?"

You wouldn't truly be daydreaming if you don't have a mini heart attack when you think you hear your name being called. I mean it's everyone's worse nightmare, you get called to answer a question and you have no idea what the question is or what chapter you're on. You'll likely come out of your haze for long enough to realize it was a false alarm before going back to daydreaming in peace.

15. "Wait where are we in the notes?"

Unfortunately at some point your brain will decide to plug back into the present and bring your attention back to the lecture. Unfortunately, you've been out of it for ten minutes and have no idea what's been covered in that time. I guess you have to resort to sneaking a peek at the person next to you's book to try and figure out where they are.

There are definitely tons more thoughts you have while dreaming, these are just the main 15 that I know I have and I'm sure you do to. What are some of the thoughts you have while daydreaming in class? Leave a comment below letting me know!

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