15 Thoughts College Students Have At The End Of Semester

As the end of the fall semester draws near, college students all over the country are going into a frenzy. Trying to cram for finals, bring our grades up, register for next semesters classes, and just general stressing out due to lack of sleep from all of the above. So, you know you should be studying or doing homework, but you're here, so read on about 15 thoughts college students have at this point in the semester.

1. "Why in the hell did I register for a 7:45 class this semester?!"

Patrick is you, walking across campus to your 7:45 wondering why you ever thought it would be a good idea to sign up for a class this early.

2. "Do I really need to be here?"

I'm pretty sure we've all thought this to yourself at least once, or multiple times during the semester... No shame or judgements, we've all been there. We've all googled "jobs you can get without a college degree".

3. Panic... Just start panicking.

Start to panic, then suppress it by trying to tell yourself that you have time till you really need to start studying.

4. "Why is registration so frustrating?"

Trying to get into all the classes that you need, and trying to make sure that you're meeting all your requirements can be so stressful. But, once you get into all your classes and get your schedule set for next semester, it's a great feeling.

5. "Where's the wine?"

Registration, exams, homework, life... Need I say more?

6. "I'm about to have a month off, what am I going to do?"

You've spent the last 4 months in school, going to classes and working on homework and things revolving around that, now you have a month off and the possibilities are endless.

7. "Just how many points do I need to pass this class?"

We've all done it, calculated just exactly how many points we need to get on the final to pass the class, or how many points you can get off without your grade falling. Don't even try to deny it.

8. Panic again

This time, panic a bit more... Possibly try to do something to start getting ready for exams... Then get distracted by something and realize you've still got time left before you really need to start panicking.

9. "Wait it's actually the end of first semester? Where did time go?"

Yep, it's December already. You've been in school for about 4 months already, and it's about to be 2017... Santa is coming soon, were you good this year?

10. "I'M SO DONE!"

Yep, we're all there. You've almost made it, just about 2-3 more weeks... You can do this. Just keep pushing, and don't think about the fact that you'll have to do this all again in May...

11. Stress eat everything

Because it's totally normal to pull an all nighter and order pizza at 3am... right...? Anyone...?

12. Panic, yet again

Realizing that you probably should have listened to your parents... and teachers... and the internet and started studying weeks ago.

13. Actually starting to study

When you actually start to study and look over your notes and realize you have no idea how to actually study and retain any of this information.

14. The realization that you should have probably paid attention more in class

While in your frenzy of trying to study... You come to the realization that you probably should have paid attention more in class when you went... Does anybody else have notes from the beginning of the semester that are just total gibberish to them now? Just me? Ok.

15. "Well, here goes nothing."

At this point... You're on your own. Just hope and pray you can wing it enough to pass your class and move on.

The end of the semester is a difficult time for any college student. We are sleep deprived, highly addicted to caffeine, and in need food. Around this time we can frequently be found in the library (some of us for the first time this year), or going to see our professors at their office hours to beg for a couple extra points to boost our grade. We're almost there, just hold out a few more weeks, or days. You got this.

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