15 Things You Say To Your Roommates Before Going Out

The semester is officially in full swing. Of course, we all can't wait to learn new things in our classes *sarcasm*, but we seriously cannot wait to go back out and thrive with our favorite people ever. Whether it is a Thursday, Friday, or even Tuesday night, we all say these things to the only people who won't judge us...our roommates.

1. "What kind of night are we going to have?"

2. "Where's that bodysuit you wore last time? Actually, can I wear your jeans too?"

3. "Can you get the uber tonight? I'll venmo you!"

4. "Do you think ____ is going to be there?" *Insert name of boy you either hate or love*

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5. "Ok make sure I don't talk to _____. "

6. "Last shot, I swear."

7. "You're too good for him. You look hot and he's going to hate himself."

8. "Wait, we didn't get the uber yet?"

9. "Can we take a cute picture? I want to have a cute Insta."

10. "We should Snapchat him. Just send a mass snap to everyone."

11. "Put on my pregame playlist. I have good throwbacks!"

12. "Cmon, take this shot with me"

13. "Is the back of my hair straight?"

14. "OMG what are we going to drunk order when we get back? Chinese or pizza?"

15. "Let's try to stay together tonight, unlike last weekend."

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