15 Things You Need To Thank Your Older Siblings For
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15 Things You Need To Thank Your Older Siblings For

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15 Things You Need To Thank Your Older Siblings For

Siblings can be both a blessing and a curse. You were always compared to them in high school, and there were some moments when you were little that you wished you were an only child. But in all honestly, siblings are the best gifts that our parents will ever give us. Even though being the youngest sibling can be challenging at times, I’m so unbelievably lucky to have my older siblings who have changed my life. Here are the top 15 things that our older siblings do that we underappreciate and should thank them for.

1. They paved the way.

Our older siblings were the guinea pigs before we came along. Our parents took their first-time parenting nerves out on them and became a little less strict with the rules once it was our turn.

2. They help you grow up.

They’re there to tell you what middle school is really like, how some people won’t be your friends forever, and to tell you all the mistakes they made so you don’t have to make them.

3. They give you great advice.

Since they have a little more life experience than you, their advice is pretty on point.

They know exactly what to say that will help you deal with whatever is causing you stress or heartache.

4. They’re (usually) on your side.

Unless they’re trying to blame something they did on you, your older siblings are the best defenders you have. They’ll stick up for you with your parents and they’ll protect you against everyone else.

5. They made your childhood special.

Older siblings tend to find their younger siblings slightly annoying, but they still let you play with their cool older friends and they still made your childhood fun just by sharing it.

6. They’ve known and will know every version of you, and they’ll still love you.

Your siblings see every side of you, which means you should be pretty grateful for them. The cranky and hungry version of you isn’t the most pleasant to be around, but your siblings dealt with you until the kinder version of you returned.

7. They’re proud of you no matter how small you accomplishments are.

Your A on that spelling test wasn’t that big of a deal, but your siblings made it one. They sat through every one of your recitals, games, graduations and anything else you’ve done. To them every new job means a family celebration and every milestone achieved deserves a party.

8. They give you someone to look up to.

Your older siblings were raised well by your parents, which means they have the characteristics that you strive to obtain. They show you how to act and how to represent yourself. They’re a great example of the determined, hardworking, kind and selfless person you want to be.

9. They’re always honest.

The truth can hurt sometimes, but your siblings know it’s better than lying to you. They’re here to tell you that you should definitely not wear those shoes with those pants or that you’re making a mistake and should rethink it before it’s too late. They aren’t afraid to hurt your feelings because they know that you know they’re simply telling you what you need to hear.

10. They’re always there for you.

Whether you need them to help you move into your new place or you need help with your homework, they’re here to help you. They’ll be here for you anytime you need them.

11. They’re your best friends.

If you’re lucky enough to be close with your siblings, then they aren’t just your siblings. They’re your best friends and the first people you want to talk to whenever something good or bad happens to you.

12. They understand you better than anyone else.

They know what you’re saying with just one look in your direction during a family party and they know when you’re upset but just don’t want to talk about it.

13. They add an endless amount of joy to your life.

Our older siblings know what can cheer us up when we’ve had a bad day, or what to say to make us laugh until we cry. They made every family event more fun just by being there and they know how to make you step out of your comfort zone and take worthwhile risks.

14. They give you great hand-me-downs.

Sometimes hand-me-downs aren’t always the best things to receive, but in this case they are. Whether it’s their old Tigers shirt or their taste in '90s punk rock bands, be grateful for all that your siblings have given you.

15. They love you unconditionally.

They loved you since they day you were born, even if they wanted to return you to the hospital at first. They love you for everything you are, and will love you always.

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