15 Things You Are Never Too Old For
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15 Things You Are Never Too Old For

Just because you’re in college doesn’t mean you can’t love things from your childhood.

15 Things You Are Never Too Old For
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As we get older, we often think that it means we have to leave behind many of our favorite things from our childhood, but that is so not true. From your favorite foods to your favorite ways to pass the time, here are 15 things that you are never too old for.

1. Disney movies

"Cinderella," "Jungle Book," "Tarzan," "Lilo and Stitch," "101 Dalmations"...how could you not still love these movies?

2. Chicken nuggets

These were definitely one of my favorite foods growing up, and even though I'm 20 years old I don't mind ordering a kid's meal every once in a while! Bonus points if they're shaped like dinosaurs.

3. Coloring books

Although coloring princesses may not be your favorite thing anymore, there are now so many adult coloring books that allow you to show your creative side.

4. Going to the park

Picnic in the park anyone? Whether you are with your family or friends, it is always fun to enjoy the beautiful outdoors by eating lunch outside or swinging on the swing set.

5. Sleepovers

We may not play with Barbies until midnight anymore, but sleepovers with your friends are still just as fun! Movies and junk food never gets old.

6. Playing video games

Who says you can't play video games anymore? They're still fun, no matter the age.

7. Birthday parties

Although there may not be clowns and balloon animals anymore, birthday parties are still so much fun! Getting to celebrate a birthday with your best friends is exciting, and turning 21 is probably more fun to celebrate than turning 5.

8. Cartoon shaped popsicles

Is that the ice cream truck? These gumball-eyed popsicles were my favorite when I was little, and I'm not embarassed to say that I would still get one from the ice cream man today!

9. Playing with makeup

When we were 5 we tried to mimick our mom's applying makeup, but now we try to perfect our contour. With so many new beauty trends, it is necessary to spend some time practicing the new techniques!

10. Saturday morning cartoons

You're lying if you say you don't like cartoons. There's just something comforting about waking up on a Saturday morning and eating a bowl of cereal while watching Tom and Jerry.

11. Having a favorite blanket

Admit it, you think one of your blankets is more comfy than the rest. You may not bring it everywhere like when you were little (or maybe you do), but you definitely have a favorite.

12. Writing in a journal

Writing about our 5th grade crush in our diary has evolved into writing about an exciting moment in our journal. It is nice to just sit down with a pen and paper and express your thoughts every once in a while.

13. Taking silly pictures with friend

Did you and your friends used to dress up and have mini photoshoots in your house growing up? Me and my friends sure did, and we still do! Except now we can drive to cool locations and explore the city while we do it.

14. Playing dress up

Whether it's for a themed party or a formal event, playing dress up is still fun. And just like when you were 4, you can strut around in a feather boa and heels if you are attending a Gatsby themed party!

15. Arts and crafts

Finger painting may not be our go to way to create art, but arts and crafts is still fun at any age. If you are in a sorority, then crafting is probably something you do often.

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