Living with a roommate is one of my favorite parts of college. That may sound crazy depending on your own roommate experience, but living with a girl like mine, you'd get it. It's like having a sleepover with your best friend every night, a luxury I didn't realize I loved so much until I returned home for the summer and went back to living by myself.

With just my parents and me at home, I felt right away how different it was living back at home then in my cozy dorm with my best friend. It's much quieter, less cramped, but certainly less fun (sorry mom and dad). I can't shout to my neighbors to come over or run down a flight of stairs to join all of my friends for a movie night anymore and it's #tragic. Here are 15 things that change after leaving my roommate for the summer.

1. No more late night chats.

The best part of the day was getting tucked into bed and gossiping with my roommate like we were 5th graders at a sleepover. Now I have to facetime her and it's just not the same

2. No one to make sure I get up in the morning.

Nothing like a personal alarm clock when my alarm doesn't go off and I almost miss class

3. Only one closet.

My options are severely limited now.

4. No one to get ready for bed with.

It's much easier to be motivated to wash my face every night when my roommate drags me to the bathroom with her.

5. No one to complain to when I'm bored/stressed.

My personal therapist.

6. No one to have mid-study dance parties with.

I need study breaks okay

7. No one to have late night snacks with.

Because sneaking down to your kitchen for a snack is much less fun than eating peanut butter and pretzels in bed with your roommate

8. No one to binge-watch a new show with.

I'd rather watch 13 Reasons Why season 2 with my friends :/

9. No one to share my random thoughts with.

Whether it's a weird fact I saw on twitter or a deep philosophical question, I miss just blurting out whatever popped into my head to my roommate

10. No one to take BuzzFeed quizzes with.

It's not as fun finding out that I'll meet my soulmate in a Starbucks in 2026 when I'm not finding out when my roommate will meet their soulmate too

11. No one to make me clean my room.

Living with someone else gives you so much more motivation to keep your room clean

12. No one to tell me if I missed a spot when straightening my hair.

A true blessing

13. No one to tell me if my outfit looks dumb or trendy.

Guess I'll just send her pictures

14. No one to make me study.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, roommates= motivation

15. No one to have a midlife crisis with.