It seems that no matter how early you get to campus, you can never find a parking spot. And if there is a parking spot open, it is half taken by the car next to it.

Let’s just say we are all better off parking two to three blocks away from the campus parking lot. Here are 15 things that are less painful then our parking struggles.

1. Waiting in line for half an hour at Starbucks just to find out your favorite drink has been sold out.

2. Paying for shipping that costs more than what the item is worth.

3. Forgetting your Netflix password.

4. 8 a.m. classes.

5. Being led on by your crush.

6. Having your roommate eat all your snacks.

7. Forgetting that one question you studied so hard for during an exam.

8. Getting your wisdom teeth pulled out.

9. Hurrying to class only to find out it’s been cancelled.

10. Having your car break down on the highway.

11. Paying over a hundred dollars for a textbook that you never use.

12. Having your favorite pair of jeans rip.

13. Falling on your face in front of your crush.

14. Your phone dying when you're using it for GPS.

15. Parking two blocks away from campus.