15 Things Only The Oldest Sibling Will Understand

There is nothing quite like being the oldest child—babysitting siblings, being in charge when the parents are gone, and a bunch of other things. But being the oldest also has its setbacks. If you're the oldest sibling, chances are you can relate to at least one of these 15 things. If you're not the oldest then sit back and have a look into what it's like.

1. You were the guinea pig.

If your parents were honest, they'd tell you they had no idea what they were doing when you were born. They were just making it up as they went along, making you the guinea pig for everything. By the time the second or third child came around, they were practically pros.

2. You had no secrets.

When they're young, kids don't really understand the concept of secrets. You couldn't tell your siblings anything without having them run back to tell your parents.

3. Younger siblings copied everything you did.

They followed you everywhere and copied everything you did. It was so annoying at the time, but looking back now, you realize it was because they looked up to you and wanted to be like you.

4. You got to experience everything first.

You get to learn how to drive first and got to figure out the truth behind Santa and the Tooth Fairy first. Since you got to do all these things, that automatically makes you that much smarter than your little siblings.

5. You become the advice giver.

You'll give them great advice, whether they like it or not. They're your little siblings, and you have to pass on your wisdom.

6. You get to be "in charge."

When you get to be a bit older and your parents have to go somewhere or run some errands, they might put you in charge of your little siblings. Now I'm not saying to abuse that power but, you know, chores have to be done, and being in charge, that means you get to delegate.

7. You get to be the cool older sibling.

Your little siblings are lucky to have you. When all their friends come over, you'll be the cool older sibling who takes them to the movies or the mall because you can.

8. You have to stand up for your siblings.

You and you alone are the only one who can pick on your siblings. If anyone else dares make fun of your siblings, it will be war.

9. You get to watch your siblings grow up.

For as much as they might annoy you, you have to admit, they can be pretty darn cute at times. It's natural for you to want them to stay little forever.

10. You had built-in friends.

With siblings, you automatically have built-in friends to do things with. And nothing about that will change, no matter how annoying they can get.

11. You had one wardrobe while they had multiple.

If you and your siblings are close in age and size, chances are they have stolen your clothes. I know my sister stole my clothes all the time. I'd go to my closet looking for one specific thing, couldn't find it, then I'd go downstairs and see my sister wearing it.

12. You now have a reason to watch kids TV again.

Because let's be honest—you know you loved those little kids shows, and you secretly miss watching them. Well now you have an excuse to watch them again.

13. You always get the front seat.

Being in the front means you get control of the radio and other things. It's a little thing, but it's the little things that count.

14. It's your job to annoy them.

As the oldest, it's your job to annoy your siblings for as long as you live. Simple as that.

15. You love them unconditionally.

My siblings annoy the heck out of me some (most) days, but I will always love them. We will always lean on each other no matter what, especially if we're having our picture taken.

My siblings are my family, and I will love them till the day I die. I know they will always be there for me, and I will always be there for them. I can't think of any better people I'd rather annoy.

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