15 Things All #PlannerNerds Feel
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15 Things All #PlannerNerds Feel

We just really like planning.

15 Things All #PlannerNerds Feel

To be completely honest, I thought I was the only person that loved planners. Growing up, I would go crazy buying planners for school. I was obsessed with planning out what i'd do on what day and making my weeks organized. Eventually, as my planner-addiction continued, I discovered an online community of people who feel the same way. This article goes out to you, my planner nerds! Here are some things we all feel at some point in our planner-addicted lives.

1. Erin Condren is bae.

I had no clue what Erin Condren was until I started watching Elle Fowler's videos (she also has a sticker shop, go check her out here). The LifePlanners actually changed the way I plan my weeks. They are completely customizable when it comes to covers, layout (veritcal, horizontal or hourly), color themes and coils. Not only did they change the planning game, but they are one of the most popular planners to have as a planning addict.

2. Sunday = Planner Day.

It's the universal day to plan out your week and put on your stickers! Don't ask questions!

3. Going to the craft store? Perfect time to stack up on washi tape and stickers.

We all know how obsessed we are with washi tape. And they always have the best deals at craft stores!

4. Did someone say stickers? Etsy, take my money.

Etsy shops have the best stickers for your planner, at some decent prices. You can find themed stickers for each occasion that perfectly fit the boxes in your Erin Condren.

5. Yes, there's a difference between my main planner and traveling planner.

I don't usually carry my LifePlanner around because it's larger and bulkier. Of course I take a smaller planner with me! I personally love Ban.do's planners to travel, especially when it comes to marking down college assignments, due dates and exams.

6. Stradler pens became the love of your life after how well they write on stickers.

Best pens for glossy stickers, enough said.

7. You've printed every free-printable you can possibly find online.

Sometimes we can't always pay for stickers, so why not take advantage of the free printables online?! Just buy some sticker paper and you're all set!

8. You have a planner folder/organizer for all things planner related.

I keep a box filled with all my printables and store bought stickers. Oops!

9. You buy pretty paper clips bookmarks and glitter tape to specifically glam out your planner.

#Guilty. I can't help it, they're adorable!

10. There's always a theme.

Everyone has a theme when it comes to their planner. Mine is pretty basic; I have a to do layout, a big today square and a "little things" section where I list TV shows and what I had for dinner.

11. If you're a college student, you definitely love your planner.

It won't only keep you organized, but your exams won't sneak up on you this time!

12. What about fitness planners? Best things ever!

I love keeping track of my workouts, meals, calories and weight. It has me look at my progress in a bigger perspective and keeps me motivated to work hard.

13. Need inspiration? You're planner pinterest board has it all.

Seriously, google life planner stickers on Pinterest and you'll have all the ideas.

14. Can we just make another point about how awesome Esty shops are for planners?!

15. It's more than just keeping yourself organized; it's therapeutic.

It's relaxing putting down the stickers, checking off your to-dos and and planning your week. And its a cool idea to keep tack of what you do on what days. Someday, you'll be able to look back on a whole year of your life, and that in itself makes me want to do it more.

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