15 Things All 20-Somethings Do When Home Alone

We have all been left home alone at one point or another during our lives, or maybe we even live alone now. Regardless, here are 15 things all twenty-somethings do when we're left alone, how many on this list have you done?

1. Take a long-a** bath (or shower)

Did someone say LUSH?!

2. Watch TV in the strangest positions

I know I'm guilty of doing this on my days off, and if you say you're not guilty too, then you're a liar.

3. Attempt to cook

Who wants brownies?

4. Erase all evidence when #3 fails horribly

If there is no evidence, did I really burn anything? No, no I did not.

5. Walk around the house naked

Just make sure all the doors and blinds are closed first!

6. Snoop around your roommate's (or sibling's) closet

Just try to put things back the same way they were! And if you do steal any clothes, don't get caught wearing them!

7. Dance around the house to whatever music you want!

Gibbler Gallop anyone?

8. Actually be productive

You're home alone, which means the washer and drier should be free... Time to be a productive member of society and do your laundry that has been overflowing for days. Just kidding.

9. Take a nice, relaxing nap

Curl up in bed or on the couch, throw on a movie you've seen a dozen plus times, and just fall asleep.

10. Read that book thats been sitting on your shelf

I have so many good books on my bookshelf that I haven't touched since I bought them. There need to be more hours in the day.

11. Call up your grandparents (or other family member)

I know it makes my grandma's day when I call her just to chat and see how she's doing. Especially if you don't get to see them very often, it'll mean a lot to them.

12. Watch trash TV

You know exactly what I'm talking about. That trash reality TV that you tell everyone you hate but secretly love

13. Go for a walk

Take your animal with you if you have one, chances are they want to go too.

14. Stalk people on social media

Your ex, their new significant other, your family, that one kid from your high school you forgot existed...We've all done it, don't lie.

15. Call a friend and ask them to come over

Call a friend to come over and do all these things together.

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