16 Songs You Should Add To Your Playlist

16 Songs You Should Add To Your Playlist

You are bound to find a song that will make you feel something.

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As a lover of instruments and heartfelt lyrics, I truly believe that music is what makes us human. It’s what brings us together in times of hardship and lets us connect with people we never thought we would. I’ve recently discovered some songs that will challenge our perspectives on the world, and I thought I should share them with you.

1.“Lost and Found” – Katie Herzig

We are all fighting battles within ourselves, and we only want people to understand the feelings we have inside. We are all lost souls just trying to be found.

“Every war was another seed

That could feed every soul in need

Oh, I’m worn by the war in me”

2.“Addicted” – Morgan Page (feat. Greg Laswell)

Every person knows someone that turns tables and is a force to be reckoned with.

“I wonder if you’ll back down

‘Cause there is no end in sight”

3. "Belong" - Cary Brothers

Aren’t we all just trying to figure out where we belong? We act like we got it all figured out, but we don’t.

“I wasn’t taught this way

With a thousand things to say

I was born with a broken heart”

4. "Lean" - VHS Collection

The most important people in your life are going to be your friends. They are the ones going to be there for you in good times and bad. Whenever I hear this song, it reminds me of all the friends I have made in college.

“And the projects and the charlie’s

And the discos and the parties

And the blood streets and the new wave

It’s the renaissance of these days”

5. "This is What It Feels Like" - Armin van Buuren (feat. Trevor Guthrie)

This song is dedicated to my late grandfather. The toughest thing about life is moving forward and moving on especially when we lose people along the way.

“And I don’t even know how I survive

I won’t make it down the road with one headlight"

6. "The Sun Is Rising" - Britt Nicole

You know what they say. There’s a rainbow after every storm and an eye in every hurricane.

“Even when you can’t imagine how

How you’re ever gonna find your way out

Even when you’re drowning in your doubt

Just look beyond the clouds”

7.“Love’s on the Way” – Sebastian Kole

I love this song because it forces us to question humanity. What is right and wrong? How do we even begin to fix all of the problems in our society today?

"‘Cause every other day there’s another killing and our children have to pay

We act like if we ignore it maybe it’ll go away

No, I’m not a superhero I just wanna save the day”

8. "Redemption" - The Strange Familiar

This song stresses the importance of forgiveness, realizing that your life isn’t necessarily over just because you made a mistake.

“The light chases the dark

Where there’s a good heart

There’s a good soul”

9.“Fools Gold” – Fitz & The Tantrums

Although they are known better for their single “HandClap,” I felt this song was also worthy of being a major hit.

“Them silver lines they cut like blades of glass

Not worth the blood we’ve shed for love”

10.“Hunger” – Ross Copperman

This is definitely a song I will play at my wedding. I hope to find someone that makes me feel this way.

“‘Cause I’m on fire like a thousand suns

I couldn’t burn it out even if I wanted to”

11.“Re-Arrange Again” – Erin McCarley

This is reassurance to all of you that it is okay to fall apart as long as you can glue yourself back together.

“We gotta lift your eyes to the dawn

Through a forest of forgotten tears”

12.“Colors” – Halsey

If you know someone who is struggling with drug addiction, this song will be perfectly relatable.

“You’re dripping like a saturated sunrise

You’re spilling like an overflowing sink”

13. "Light Outside" - Wakey!Wakey!

If you really love someone, love will no longer be something you’re feeling. You will have to choose to stay with someone through the good and the bad.

“And we’ll fall

But we’ll try

We’ll do our best

And I’ll love you all the while”

14. "Manhattan From The Sky" - Kate Voegele

If you’re from New York, you’re going to love the imagery in this one.

“But I know your streets are lined with a fine mess inside

I wanna come down and walk around in your mind”

15.“Dark Side” – R5

This is one of my favorite songs from my favorite band. With a unique sound to it, it will definitely make you want to dance.

“Even though these are our best days

We only do things in the worst way

Let your hair down and dance with me”

16.“Lifeline” – Angels & Airwaves

This song was originally written about being in touch with God again, but even if you’re not religious this song still has meaning because it is all about being there for someone no matter what.

“If you hear a distant sound

And some footsteps by your side

If you feel like coming round

I will take you for a ride”

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