15 Signs That You Are Obsessed With "The Parent Trap"

15 Signs That You Are Obsessed With "The Parent Trap"

Are you a true fan of the classic 1998 movie where Lindsay Lohan made her debut?

Ever since I was 2 years old, I have been obsessed with the 1998 version of "The Parent Trap" with Lindsay Lohan. According to my own father, that was the first movie I ever sat all of the way through. But what I want to know is, are you a fanatic of "The Parent Trap"? Here are 15 signs that you are, indeed, a true fan.

1. You are always up to watch the movie.

I organize my movies in a CD case and that is the first one that is seen. I will watch it no matter what, sometimes twice in a day. Why not? It's by far one of my favorite movies, plus, if anyone suggests to watch "The Parent Trap", I kinda freak out.

2. You have dreamed about having twin girls and naming them Annie and Hallie.

Yes, most definitely! I would tell my friends that if I ever had twin girls, then their names had to be Annie and Hallie -- my friends swore that they would put a stop to that as soon as possible.

3. You wanted your own locket with your initial on it.

It would be cool to have one just so you can be like the twins and say that you got it when you were born and that it has an H or an A or whatever your initial is on it. I always asked for one, but one couldn't be found.

4. You have your own Cuppy.

Guilty as charged! I have a dog instead of a bunny that I got when I was six years old and named it Cuppy because Hallie had a Cuppy. I still have it too. And yes, I am a college student. I say almost the exact same thing as what Hallie said to Martin when he tried to "dispose of the little creature", "She loves this thing a lot, a lot, a lot, and she's like been stuck with this thing her entire life, and she could never be like, stay in a foreign country without him."

5. You know the handshake.

Most definitely! You cannot be a fan and not know the handshake! Come on. I have taught it to many people, including my own brother.

6. You've talked to your friends on the phone from inside the closet.

When I was younger, my friend and I always watched the movie, so when we were at home, we would talk to one another from inside a closet, just to say that we actually did.

7. The soundtrack is your go to playlist.

I have had the soundtrack since I was two when my parents bought it and I got to keep it. I still have the poster that came with the CD and is currently hanging up in my room. I am actually listening to it right now typing the article. No shame!

8. You are either close to your mom or dad, and that decided which twin you were.

I have always been close to my dad, so therefore, I have always been Hallie, which is why I have my own Cuppy, as I mentioned in number four. I even wrote a line from the movie in a Father's Day card; I got a response of "Seriously? You're quoting 'The Parent Trap'? Why am I not surprised?"

9. You can recite the entire movie.

This is true. Every time I would watch the movie with my dad or my RA last year, I would be told the same thing, "If you want me to watch this with you, then no reciting the lines" so, I would mouth them instead. That's not saying them.

10. You've wanted a golden retriever just to name it Sammy.

I love dogs anyway, and I love my dogs, but how cool would it be just to have your own golden retriever and name it Sammy?

11. You would always cross your fingers and arms just like the twins.

When I was much younger, I would always do that, I don't know why, but because the twins did it, I wanted to too. Plus it's cute when a little girl does it.

12. If a friend hasn't seen the movie, it's a must to watch it.

How have you not watched it? That's what I want to know.

13. You get excited when it's October 11.

It's like a birthday celebration! You know it's the twins' birthday, so therefore it's an exciting day!

14. Your British accent has improved over the years.

When you recite the movie enough, there's a lot of practice matching the accent with the lines.

15. Oreos and peanut butter is your favorite snack.

Every time my RA and I would watch the movie, we would grab a jar of peanut butter and some Oreo's and start the movie. What else are you supposed to eat when you watch "The Parent Trap", popcorn? No.

Now that you know more about what it's like to be obsessed with "The Parent Trap" go and enjoy it, you deserve it!

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