15 Signs That It Is Officially Summer
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15 Signs That It Is Officially Summer

Once Memorial Day weekend rolls around, summer is officially here! Have you seen any of these tell-tale signs of summer?

15 Signs That It Is Officially Summer

1. The beaches get crowded and your baseball throwing/frisbee aiming/volleyball bumping skills (or lack thereof) tend to result in the demise of innocent bystanders.

2. Or you find yourself becoming that innocent bystander.

3. It appears as if attractive people just appeared out of thin air.

4. Or is it just because girls hide behind large sun hats to cover their faces?

5. Summer school begins, and you're in class like:

6. "What is this homework you speak of?"

7. You couldn't really care less.

8. Your high school friends talk you into tequila shots because you haven't seen them all year.

9. And you reminisce on the "good ol' days"... well, momentarily.

10. You come home from a night out to find that your mom stayed up waiting for you.

11. Your parents leave for an extended weekend, but you don't mind.

12. You start feeling these odd hippie-trippy feel-good vibes.

13. And then you finally realize—it's summer!

14. ...but your beach bod isn't ready.

15. Eh, who am I kidding? Trips to the gym aren't much different.

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