15 Reasons Why Your Dad Is Your Best Friend
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15 Reasons Why Your Dad Is Your Best Friend

He's the best guy in the world.

15 Reasons Why Your Dad Is Your Best Friend
Shannon Lanman

If you and your father are as close as me and my father are, you know he is one of your best friends, if not your number one best friend. And if he is, you won't fail to recognize these reasons on how exactly he is your best friend.

1. He gives you the best advice even when you don't want it.

No matter if it is about guys, friends, cars, school, or anything else, your dad is the one who gives you the most genuine advice. Sometimes you really do not want to hear it. However, in the future, you'll be glad your dad gave you the advice.

2. He's known you the longest in your life.

From the moment you flew out of your mother's womb, your dad has been there for you. He's seen all the embarrassing and not embarrassing moments of your life. He's seen you at your worst and at your best. He's seen you accomplish things and watched you find your way when you didn't accomplish things.

3. He can be your partner in crime.

Road Trips to get tattoos? He's there. Going to try out the new restaurant? He's there. Buying your prom dress? Not only is he there, he's helping you decide. Trips to Wal-Mart? He's there. Playing with bouncy balls and bouncing one of them into the next aisle? Well... he was there but you both ran so fast in other directions. No matter what you do, your dad is there for you. These trips and adventures are best with your dad by your side.

4. He was rooting you on even when no one else was.

Remember that honor roll assembly no one else showed up to? Remember that job interview you were worried about? Remember that college admission you thought you'd never get? Your dad was sitting there rooting you on even when no one else could have cared.

5. He witnessed all the cringe-worthy parts of your life but still loved you anyway.

Remember that scary scene kid phase that you went through in middle school? Yeah... your dad was there. He saw all the crazy hairdos, makeup looks, and crazy clothes, yet, he still loved you.

6. He's always encouraged you to do your best.

Even when you wanted to give up or only do an assignment subpar, your dad was there to encourage you to do your best on it. Not only was he there to encourage you in school, he was there to encourage you to do your best in life. That crappy boyfriend of yours? He encouraged you to get a better one? That job you didn't like? He encouraged you to get another one. He was always there.

7. He's the best role model.

He was smart, funny, successful, kind, a gentleman, the best dad ever and so much more. It's only right that he's the best role model for you in life.

8. He's the perfect example of who you want to have as a partner in life.

Yet again, he's smart, funny, successful, kind, a gentleman, the best dad ever and so much more. He holds all the qualities for a man that you could wish to have in your marriage or relationship. If you can get a man like your father, never let him go.

9. He's one of the first people you text or call when something good or bad happens.

That car accident you got in? That A on your midterm? The shirt you got on sale? No matter the news, your dad is the first, if not one of the first, phone calls you make. Your best friend needs to know these things.

10. You'd be lost without him.

If you no longer had those late night kitchen music playlist sharing, late night campfires, late night binge-watches, and just the comfort of your father, you'd be lost. You cannot imagine your life without him, and quite frankly, you don't want to.

11. He never changes.

Your father is one of the only people in your life who stays constant. If you ever need the comfort of stability, your dad is always there to be that comfort.

12. You share the same interests.

Whether it comes down to television shows, music, food, or drinks, you and your father share the same interests. This can be both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because you'll always have someone to take places and talk to about things. However, it becomes a curse when you're down to the last grilled chicken wing and you have to do a Mexican Standoff to get it.

13. He never stops teaching you.

From the moment you were born, your father has been teaching you. He is your human form of Wikipedia, except people can't just randomly change his knowledge he's bestowing upon you. He's filled with so many years of knowledge and experience and all he wants to do is to share it with you.

14. And you teach him in return.

There are just some things your father can't teach you because he doesn't even know it himself. However, this is where you get to teach him. You show him how to use his new "hi-tech" iPhone. You show him how to make your favorite foods. Your knowledge is also great and he can benefit from it.

15. No matter how many fights you have he's still there.

If you're as similar to your father as I am to mine, you butt heads... a lot. However, no matter how many times you storm off yelling, "you don't know what it's like," you know that he'll be there waiting for you, and himself to cool down.

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