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For those who want to venture a little outside the typical Halloween or Friday the 13th recommendation!


It’s October my dudes and you know what that means, another movie recommendation list. While many of these lists probably have your typical Friday the 13th or Halloween recommendation, this one does not. It does however, include a wide arrange of variety of horror and thrill. Some are definitely guilty pleasure movies that probably received a whopping of 3 stars on IMDB and some definitely with higher reviews. Regardless, I’m hoping you find some of these movies creepy enough and worth watching on these October nights leading up to Halloween. From slashers to animations, these are sure to leave you jumping at any small noises in the night or simply cozying up and enjoying the autumn weather.

1. Coraline
An alternative world where everything may seem better, but everyone has creepy buttons as eyes? Hmm, yeahh, maybe all that glitters isn't all that gold.

2. Alice, Sweet Alice
After Alice's sister is mysteriously murdered everyone automatically suspects Alice, since she had all the motive to do it. But viewers beware, this is the kind of movie that keeps you on edge and constantly changing your guess of who exactly the masked killer is.

3. Trick r’ Treat
Halloween pranks gone wrong, vampires, murders, and a walking pumpkin, this movie has it all.

4. The Town That Dreaded Sundown
Ever heard of the urban legend of the hooked man and lover's lane? Well apparently that tale originates in Texarkana and this slasher film is based on the serial killer that the town soon came to name, the Phantom Killer.

5. Urban Legends
A slasher film with carefree college kids, of course things are bound to get crazy, but add in deaths in the form of urban legends and things escalate faster then the next deathly end of the victim in the movie.

6. Jennifer’s Body
"I am a god" - Jennifer Check. A film about a demonized, cheerleader that must satisfy her hunger with the flesh of small town boys should definitely be on your must-watch list this Halloween.

7. Heathers
Heathers equally humored and terrified me at the amount of dry humor and satirical jabs that were made in this dark film about teenage suicides and high school status.

8. The Uninvited
I always recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys scary movies as much as I do because this adaption of the Korean movie, "Tale of Two Sisters" (also a recommended movie) will keep you on edge until the end.

9. El Orfanato/The Orphanage
What's scarier then a haunted house? Haunted children in creepy masks. A Spanish film by well-known producer Guillermo del Toro, this movie is a must-see for all over feels.

10. Sleepy Hallow
This movie probably appears on a good amount of movie lists but with cast members like Johnny Deep and Christina Ricci, it's hard for it not to. A film based on the tale of Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman is the perfect classic Halloween night movie with just enough scare to keep you watching until the end.

11. American Mary
Every college student gets to the point of financial instability that they'll do whatever it takes to lower down loans; but Mary, a brilliant, medical student in training soon finds that the easy way out isn't always the most cleanest path.

12. May
A person with eccentric interests and taste for terror, May is sure to make you wary of pretty misfits with a talent for cutting and sewing.

13. Ginger Snaps
Life changes quick for two teenage, outcast sisters that do everything together when one of them gets bitten by the local monster terrorizing their small town. It's up to one of them to save the other, but will it be too late?

14. The Addams Family (+ The Addams Family Values)
I really can't recommend just watching one, because both are worth watching back to back. A quirky, dark family, The Addams Family movies provide the perfect comic relief in-between all the scary movies you might find yourself watching this Halloween!

15. The Haunting
A study on insomnia goes all wrong when it turns out its participants are staying in a haunted manor.

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