One of my favorite YouTubers is Alfonzo Lerone. On Youtube, he is known for "The Dumbest Internet Fails." With this, he takes photos and posts from social media, online dating sites, and other sites such as Craigslist and then shares the funniest fails due to grammar and/or content. I love watching his videos because I start to feel grateful for the education I have and continue to receive. So in honor of my love for his videos, I am going to share 15 of my personal favorites of funny fails on the internet.

1. You mean "college"?

2. Did we forget that the President serves a four-year term or 8 years if elected twice?

3. The Titanic is real.

4. Um, wrong photo.

5. Left lane closed or nah?

6. The internet can be hard to navigate.

7. Please put Christmas pictures on Facebook.

8. That's called the pound sign.

10. Oh good grief.

11. Where can we dance then?

12. Are pets Allowed?

13. My personal favorite, out of them all, that started out as a video on Vine.

14. Losers wanted

15. Happy Birthday Planet Earth!