My 15 Favorite Black YouTubers
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My 15 Favorite Black YouTubers

Taking binge watching to another level!

My 15 Favorite Black YouTubers
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On YouTube, there are videos showing you how to do everything. From perfecting your liquid eyeliner to making Angry Bird cookies, YouTube has it all. I have noticed that the more popular YouTubers that gain most of the praise from audiences across the globe are white people. I am here to showcase my favorite black YouTubers who you all should begin to watch.

1. Shirley B. Eniang

This British beauty knows all things fashion. From her various lookbooks to her shopping hauls, Ms. Eniang's channel is an easy reference for subscribers who are trying to find their personal style. She also has a blog, Shirley's Wardrobe, which gives readers a more intimate peek inside of her life and her fashion/beauty journey.

2. Vicky and Cameron of "Life with the Logans"

If fashion and beauty trends aren't really your thing, vlogs maybe your next addiction! The word "vlog" is a combination of the words "video" and "blog". Basically, people use a camera to film a typical day in their life. The Logans are a young married couple in the Chicago area who do just that. Vicky and Cameron's wide array of friends and family members who make appearances in their videos will surely keep you interested with their playful banter. Vicky also has her own YouTube channel on hair and beauty! This YouTube couple is a must, I mean who doesn't love black love?

3. Kevin and Makael of "theskorpionshow"

This outspoken duo from North Philadelphia creates videos on every subject from Toni Braxton's biopic to the Presidential Race. Their work does not go completely unnoticed with a fanbase including celebrities like Lady Gaga and Brandy. With a successful YouTube channel since 2008, these two deserve their own primetime television talk show.

4. Kingsley

When I got my fourth generation iPod Touch for Christmas in the seventh grade, I jumped straight unto the YouTube app. Through my constant searching of videos, I came across a video of a black person ranting about his hate for birds. This hilarious YouTuber is Kingsley. Kingsley has gained mainstream attention throughout his years as a YouTuber. He has made funny rant videos about silly things like birds, but on more serious topics like how people view his sexuality. Another YouTuber who you could easily laugh along with while also learning of a new perspective.

5. Monica of "MonicaStyleMuse"

A Dominican beauty stationed in New York City who showcases her knowledge for street style like no other, Monica's channel is another wonderful reference tool you could use if you want to develop your own personal style. She also made a dark skinned girl friendly makeup tutorial with drugstore products. Monica's channel is definitely a gem.

6. Chloe and Halle of "Chloe x Halle"

I know that you have seen the video of the set of twins killing a cover to "Pretty Hurts" by Beyoncé. No? Well go check it out. These talented sisters have been featured on various Disney channel shows and movies, but it is for good reason. Chloe and Halle are extremely talented and have a pretty bright future within show business ahead of them.

7. Jouelzy

My all time favorite YouTuber! Jouelzy, a self-proclaimed ex-member of the natural hair side of YouTube, inspires black women to become more independent and to also speak on their own opinions regardless of what anyone else might think. This Howard University graduate is not afraid to explore "touchy" topics like the relationship between Africans and African Americans and why the "Light Girls" documentary was basically a waste of production money. She also started her own movement called #SmartBrownGirl and her own book club. This freelance writer and intelligent YouTuber is nothing to mess with!

8. Jasmine Rose

I recently began my locs journey in the middle of March and of course, I watched an endless amount of YouTube videos centered around locs to get myself ready for this new adventure in my life. I came across the channel of Jasmine Rose and instantly began to watch her videos back to back. This YouTuber creates makeup and hair tutorials, but also touches on more serious topics like her struggle with traction alopecia. Whether you have locs, relaxed hair, or loose natural hair, you should check this YouTuber out!

9. The Members of "4YallEntertainment"

These funny YouTubers are from Brampton, Canada and post weekly comedy sketches. They have made videos that we all can relate to from having a teacher who insists on the bell not dismissing the class to the struggles that you go through while trying to kill a fly. The YouTubers also have their own vlog channel that makes your life pale in comparison to their daily hilarious adventures.

10. Maya of "Shameless Maya"

Do you want to learn how to take better pictures with your DSLR camera or how to make a killer resume? Shameless Maya is your answer. A woman who identifies as both African American and Filipino, Maya is an awesome YouTuber who has made videos regarding everything from self confidence to healthy living. Her diverse YouTube channel will soon become a favorite for you as well!

11. Chime of "HairCrush"

This is for my loose naturals! Chime is able to make a YouTube channel for natural haired women and men. She features educational videos, but also goofy videos like the one she made with her husband on natural hair jokes. Whether you want to learn how to retain as much length as possible or you just want a laugh, check out her channel!

12. Jazmyne of "Blvck Nostalgia"

Social activists rejoice! This Oakland, California native creates videos discussing the importance of developing social consciousness, but also flawless celebrity lookbooks. Jazmyne is not afraid to share her thoughts, no matter how unpopular they may be, on topics like the status of black men and on the effect of the Million Man March 2015. This outspoken and well spoken YouTuber is a hidden gem on YouTube, representing the millennials who take part in this new wave of social justice.

13. Jackie Aina

Can the professional makeup artists stand up? A member of the United States military, Jackie has made both serious and spoof-like makeup tutorial videos, specifically for black women. As a dark skinned woman, her tutorials are sure to make you look fleeky without having to worry about looking ashy while snapping pictures while using your camera flash. This professional makeup artist and woman of service will have you beating your face like you worked at a MAC counter.

14. Whitney of "Naptural85"

Another natural hair YouTuber! Whitney has a wide array of tutorials for the loose natural. From DIY hot oil treatments to fun and creative hairstyles, she has it all. She also has a vlog channel with her adorable family! If you want to find a new style to switch up your typical slicked low bun, then watch this YouTuber!

15. Monique of "Divas Can Cook"

Do you want to make a sweet potato pie so good that it would make you want to slap your mama? Check out the cooking tutorials by Monique! Her meals are sure to please the pickiest of eaters. If you are a beginner at the art of cooking soul food or simply want to learn how to make quick and healthy snacks, go to the "Divas Can Cook" YouTube page!

Did I miss your favorite black YouTuber? Be sure to list your favs in the comment section! Also, let me know if you checked out any of these YouTubers by tweeting me or leaving a Facebook comment!

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