Here are 15 confessions from your favorite black nerd. Oh, and this is only the first volume. PREPARE YOURSELVES.

1. I do not talk "White”

My vernacular, or anyone else's, has absolutely nothing to do with race

2. Being a Black Nerd is really difficult


3. "Afro Samurai" is a much watch.

Bloodshed. Great storyline. Oh, and did I mention black anime characters.

4. Pursuing an education prevented Gohan from becoming the GREATEST SAIYAN OF ALL TIME

And turned him into.... this.

5. Batman’s superpower is technically White Privilege.

Had to be said. No regrets. But he's still the best of the best.

6. I love to band

I like to doot with multiple other doots at the same time. It's pretty fun.

7. Best Hood Moment #1: Ned Starks death in "Game of Thrones"

Straight up savage.

8. My Girlfriend doesn’t think I’m exciting

I get it a lot. It's a specialty.

9. Ash Ketchum. Babying and not properly training your Pokemon will NOT win you the Pokemon league.

Sorry Ash.

10. Best Hood Moment #2: Saitama has defeated every opponent he faced…. Except for the Mosquito


11. What you call battle raps, I call “geek offs”

"Your DOTA account is as irrelevant as the software on your PC.... if you even consider that a PC".

12. ‘Nerd’ is never an insult. It is a hallmark of pure, unadulterated BADASS


13. J.Cole is a lyrical GENIUS

A living, breathing lyrical legend.

14. "Ed, Edd, and Eddy" Meme Joke #1: Life has many doors

Let it serenade inside of you.

15. Find out on the next…..."Dragon Ball Z"

To be continued...