15 Must-Watch Horror Movie Classics For Halloween
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15 Must-Watch Horror Movie Classics For Halloween

If you love a silly Halloween movie, look no further than these classic favorites.

15 Must-Watch Horror Movie Classics For Halloween

I wrote about date ideas for this fall already. If you remember from that article, I absolutely love celebrating Halloween! A super cheap and fun way to celebrate Halloween is to watch Halloween and horror movies. There are so many great classics...and by great, I mean terrible.

If you've never seen any old horror films, you may enjoy the cheesy comedic nature. There are also some great new movies with bizarre storylines and realistic graphics.

Below I have bestowed onto you the 15 must-watch Halloween movies of all time according to me. These also happen to be my favorite Halloween movies in order!

1. Young Frankenstein.


Willy Wonka takes on a different role as Frederick Frankenstein. Frankenstein was given his grandfather's mansion. His grandfather was a deranged scientist who wanted to reanimate human life. If you love a silly classic movie, look no further than my absolute favorite, Young Frankenstein.

2. Halloween.


Halloween is obviously a classic because it is, well, named HALLOWEEN! This was one of the first roles for actress Jamie Lee Curtis. Curtis plays a teenage babysitter who is being hunted by a murdering psychopath. This movie ends in the middle of Halloween night.

3. Scream.


The Scream movie franchise consisted of four great movies, all of which were centered around Sidney Prescott as she fends off a masked attacker. These movies are silly and a little stupid but definitely worth watching.

4. The Strangers.


The Strangers is based on a true story of a couple who were tracked, followed, and taunted throughout the night by three masked individuals in the woods. This is a gruesome and harrowing tale that I only recommend to those who are true horror movie lovers!

5. Final Destination.


If you are into creepy concepts, the five Final Destination movies are great choices for you! In these films, an individual has a premonition of their impending death, and soon after the premonitions, a freak accident occurs. When the individual and a select group of others survive the freak accident, they think they're safe. Or are they?

6. Halloweentown.


Another movie franchise for you all - this one is Disney - Halloweentown. These four films follow Marnie as she goes through high school and college with the knowledge she is part witch. This movie series is adorable and family-friendly!

7. Beetlejuice.


A couple dies in a car crash and haunt the new residents of their home. They enlist the help of Beetlejuice, and things begin to get a little weird.

8. Rocky Horror Picture Show.


Lovers break down in a storm and seek refuge at Dr. Frank-n-furter's house where the night has only just begun for the doctor and his funny friends!

9. A Nightmare on Elm Street.


If you love Johnny Depp, you should check out this 80s film! In this film, teenagers are haunted in their dreams by a disfigured, evil figure (Freddy Krueger).

10. The Shining.


The Shining is a Stephen King novel turned film with Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance. Torrance is offered a caretaker position at Overlook Hotel in Colorado during the winter months. Torrance brings his family who begin uncovering the dark secrets of the hotel.

11. Saw.


This is another amazing movie franchise! I would suggest watching all of the movies, they are considerably short.

In Saw, strangers awake to a torture chamber. After listening to a puppet tell them how to escape (through highly dangerous methods), they must decide how to proceed: die waiting or die trying.

12. Poltergeist.


Ghosts communicate through the television to a young girl and her family. The ghosts eventually abduct the young child and the parents attempt to rescue her through the help of paranormal investigators.

This movie is a little silly but super scary! It’s why I included it in the top 15.

13. Halloween II


And it picks back up with Halloween II. You can't just watch the first half of the night! You need to figure out what happened to Curtis that hollow's eve.

I did not include the Halloween movie franchise as a favorite but the third Halloween movie is a different story entirely. While the movie series does come back to Michael Myers, these are the Halloween and Halloween II best movies about the deranged killer.

14. Paranormal Activity


A couple moves into a new home and believes it is haunted so they set up cameras in their home. You watch through the cameras the couple set up.

Paranormal Activity is a movie franchise with five films. While they make look real, don't worry.... these stories are fake!

15. Dead Silence.


A man goes back to his hometown to uncover the death of wife. Once back home, he learns of the curse of Mary Shaw who had many dolls. Shaw was a ventriloquist and was murdered, it was said she haunted the man's hometown and all who are in it.

October is about to begin! Don't go through the Halloween season without checking out at least one of these movies!

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