5 Date Ideas To Make Your Season Fall-tastic
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5 Date Ideas To Make Your Season Fall-tastic

2. Scream until you can no longer speak at a haunted house!
5 Date Ideas To Make Your Season Fall-tastic

Fall is undoubtedly my favorite season a million reasons. I love that, although there is a slight chill in the air, I can still dress cute without freezing my ass off. I love that the colors of the leaves change to my three favorite colors: red, yellow, and orange.

I love that I can comfortably drink hot coffee in public without fear of people judging me for being a weirdo who drinks HOT COFFEE WHEN IT'S HOT OUT. Not me, not in the fall time.

Fall is also the best because it contains the greatest holidays: two I can stuff my face during and my birthday. Of course, I am referencing Halloween and Thanksgiving but I stuff my face on my birthday too now that I think about it.

Halloween is the absolute greatest; I love the thrill of being scared and this season celebrates that thrilling feeling for me. I also love in being in costume and eating chocolate so this is my perfect holiday.

Although I will not say this in a few years, I still enjoy my birthday. I know Thanksgiving has negative roots but it is a good time to eat food and spend with family. And don't forget about those Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts!!!!

I have made it extremely clear that fall is my favorite season. And since it is I have to savor EVERY SECOND of it! In hopes of sharing the greatness of the season with everyone, including my boyfriend (duh), I have provided you with date ideas that are a must if you want to enjoy the fall time as much as I do.

1. Support your favorite team at a football game!


If you enjoy sporting events, why not attend one as a date? Whether the two of you are on a first date or you have been together for years, going to a football game is a great way to support your favorite team and get some yummy food and hot chocolate!

Football games can also be cheap if you are a student in college! Many students get in for discounted rates to games. At Eastern Michigan, current students can attend sporting events for free; EMU also offers discounted tickets for alumni.

2. Scream until you can no longer speak at a haunted house!


This is my favorite thing to do during the fall! I absolutely must go to a haunted house! I love Wiard Orchard's Night Terrors Thrill Park in Ypsilanti, Michigan! This thrill park has six haunted attractions so you can spend your entire evening there!

Unlike a football game, a haunted house can be a bit pricy. If you are looking for a cheaper way to get scared, organizations like fraternities sometimes put on haunted houses with smaller fees than the real ones to get funding for their organizations.

3. Pick apples and pumpkins at an orchard.


Orchards and farms often offer festivities during the fall. These festivities include corn mazes, haunted houses, pumpkin patches, apple picking, and hayrides. Going to your local orchard (such as Wiard's Orchard in the daytime) gets you out in nature and helps you get supplies for another date (read below for more).

Entering orchards is usually free to do; you will only need to bring money if you want to buy something or do an activity (ex: hayride).

4. Carve or paint pumpkins!


If you pick pumpkins at a pumpkin patch with your loved one, you MUST paint or carve those pumpkins! Working on an art project with your partner is a surprisingly awesome way to get closer to them.

5. Feed adorable animals at your local petting zoo.


Humans aren't the only ones who enjoy fall; the weather is also great for our animal friends. If you love animals as much as I do, take your partner to the local petting zoo! Domino's Petting Farm in Ann Arbor is an inexpensive way to immerse yourself and your date in nature. The animals love being visited and it can make for some cute photos!

Even if you are not dating anyone, these activities are a must! Take your friends or family to these locations!

Whether you are making pumpkin art together or being scared together, going on these dates will help you cherish the fall time and grow closer to your loved one (even if you're on a budget).

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