The semester is beginning soon. With this list, you will become more organized, have access to more information, focus on studying, and make your life a little easier this semester.

1. Chegg

With this app, you can rent, buy, or sell textbooks. This will save you money and who doesn't like saving money?! You also have the access to 24/7 tutoring, which comes in handy when you're up late studying for an exam and don't understand the material!

2. Google Drive

With Google Drive, you sign in and have all of your documents organized in one place, can view these documents offline, and share these documents. (With Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc, you can begin writing new documents on the go.)

3. TED

TED Talks are intriguing and informative. They have a wide range of topics to choose from. With this app, you can watch these videos (with subtitles in other languages for non-English speaking individuals), listen and share for immediate or future use, and build a custom playlist of TED Talks based on interests.

4. Freedom/Self-Control

Social media keeps you from focusing. While you're studying, you want to get on Twitter and text your friends. You're not focused. With these two apps, you block access to certain apps such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for a set amount of time so that you accomplish the task of staying focused while studying.

5. Oxford Dictionary has both a dictionary and a thesaurus, which is essential to success when studying or writing a paper. You have access to find more accurate words to use in an essay. You can look up any word you don't know the definition to.

6. EasyBib

With this app, you can create any style citation with the 7000 styles available. If you're taking an English course or a course where you are writing essays, this makes it easy to create the citations needed!

7. CliffsNotes

CliffsNotes is a lifesaver, lemme tell you! This app has thousands of study guides for all subjects created by professors and professionals. You can find study guides on subjects like biology, anatomy, literature, or accounting. It also has study guides for the Praxis, SAT, GRE, and ACT. If you download one app, download this one.

8. Mathway

Do you find yourself needing help with a math problem? Are you struggling with your math classes? Then download this app! You can plug in any math equation and get a step-by-step solution.

9. Scribd

You need time to relax for your mental health. With this app, you get unlimited audiobooks and three books per month.

10. Feedly

With this app, it is like Scribd, but you have access to blogs, publications, and YouTube channels to create a personalized feed.

11. Course Hero

Course Hero has access to 24/7 tutoring, study guides, flashcards, notes, and more. I have used this app to study for dozens of exams within the last year or so. It's essential to your success and it makes your studying just a little easier.

12. Dropbox

Dropbox is like Google Drive. You can store photos and other personal and professional documents safe in one place for access in the future.

13. will keep your personal, professional, and educational tasks organized with to-do lists, calendars, and the assistant.

14. Tide

Tide is an app that tracks your focus. You open the app, pick a theme for the sounds played during your study time, pick a length of time, and begin studying. If you leave the app to play on your phone, it tracks the percentage of time you were not focused.

15. Forest

Like Tide, this app tracks your focus. However, the more focused you are, the more trees you plant in your forest. The longer the length of time you want to stay focused, the larger the tree is that you plant. If you leave the app for a certain length of time, you kill the tree and have to plant the dead tree. Once you plant a live tree on the app, the company plants a live tree on our planet. So, by staying focused, you are helping our planet!