The first semester of senior year is almost over...and it feels like it has taken a lifetime for finals to come.

Not only is it senior year and the senior-itis has kicked in full speed, but we have only ONE more...yes, ONE more semester until graduation! Unfortunately, before winter vacation and spring semester comes..our very last ride.. we must get through the dreaded and miserable week of finals.

If you are a senior, praying for this semester to end, I can only imagine that these 14 thoughts have come to mind.

1. I am taking ALL electives and not learning anything that I will actually use in real life.

2. I can't wait until I don't have to see this professor EVER again.

3. I need a coffee.

4. What time today will I be able to squeeze in a nap?

5. I have worn sweatpants the past 12 days and I ain't even mad.

6. Can someone print this? I have no more prints left!

7. I can't wait to go home and work over break because I literally only have $1.45 in my bank account.

8. Do we have time to get Chipotle?

9. I wonder how much money I will get back when I sell my books.

10. I didn't crack open one book this entire semester.

11. How many days until graduation?

12. Is it Friday yet?

13. Thank goodness this is a take home exam.

14. I can't believe how fast college went by!

May the force be with you through finals, and enjoy your last winter vacation as a college student! Who would have thought it goes by so fast?

I promise, you will survive.