14 Things You Know When You Go To SIU
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14 Things You Know When You Go To SIU


14 Things You Know When You Go To SIU
Dainelle Balint

Southern Illinois University of Carbondale is a interesting university to attend. SIU has so many different colleges to attend, and some are even top ranked, but the students also know how to have a good time. You will definitely find your group of friends at SIU whether you rush a sorority, audition for a musical, play in a sport, or love to go out. SIU is a wonderful school to attend because it's big enough to start over but it's not to big that you get lost in the crowd.

You know you go to SIUC when....

1. Campus Squirrels are your worst nightmare

Don't get to close, because they will attack. I personally move out of my way if I see a squirrel on campus.

2. You know your way around parking division

You learn what time they do rounds so you learn when you can and can not park somewhere closer. If you get a parking ticket, must people don't pay it and just let it add onto your Busar Bill.

3.There's always a big lifted truck in the parking lot

We have a very popular school of Agriculture, so you know what that means. TRUCKS, and lots of them. You will also find at least one lifted, and well kept truck in every parking lot at Carbondale.

4. You are either 5 minutes early or 5 minutes late to class, no in between

You either have your classes close together, you they are all the way across campus. This semester I had one class in Lawson, and then one at the Engineering building, and then one of the far side of Faner. I was always around 2-5 minutes late, because they were so far apart.

5. Student center is huge

The student center has so many different areas, just in that building. There's an art shop, dining area, places to study alone, also a piano, gift shop, bowling, the list could go on. You can either do physical activity or just take a nap there.

6. There's so many places to sleep on campus

A co-writer of mine, wrote a whole article on just places to nap at SIU. Between Lawson, or the library you can sleepy somewhere.


7. Sober places to eat

Quattro's, Mary Lou's, Fat Pattie's, an so many more. We have a ton of locally owned restuarants that are amazing to visit.

8. The best drunk places to eat

Everyone needs food after a long night of drinking, and depending what side of town you're on depends what available. We have the best drunk food by far, Don Taco, Sam's, Winston's Bagels, Wise Guys.

9. Bar nights in Carbondale

Tuesday is Dollar night at Stix, and Tracks, and karaoke at Hangar.

Wednesday is 80's night at Stix.

Thursday is Thirsty Thursday, so go out to any bar.

Friday and Saturday are the weekend, so why wouldn't you go out?!

10. Weekends you don't miss at SIU

Solar bear in August.

Unofficial Halloween, Homecoming, and Halloween in October.

Tour De Carbondale in November,

Polar Bear in January.

These weekends are the busiest weekends in Carbondale, people travel all over just to visit. some people drive up to 7 hours to come see what Carbondale is all about. Solar Bear, Unofficial Halloween, and Polar Bear are known around the area.

11. Places you visit on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon

You can go hiking at Garden of Gods, Giant City, Inspirational Point, and many other places. We also have a few lakes like Kinkaid and Cedar Lake.

12. Campus Lake

Two Words -- DON'T TOUCH. Campus Lake is known for it toxic aglae and horrible smell. It's beautiful during the sunset, but that's about it.

13. Lentz

When you live on campus, the better café is Lentz by far. Even though its smaller than TrueBlood, the food is 100X better. Many students that live on East Campus, will walk or drive over just to eat at Lentz.

14. We all know how to have a good time.

No matter if its study for a test, hanging out on campus, or drinking the night away, SIU students know how to have fun.

Southern Illinois is a great school for students to explore not only themselves, but explore the different cultures, and natural places in Carbondale. I love SIU. GO SALUKIS!!

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