14 Things Everyone Who Has Worked In Retail Understands

14 Things Everyone Who Has Worked In Retail Understands

We've all been through the retail hell.

Retail is a necessary evil, and retail workers understand just how evil retail is. We struggle through almost every shift we take, and we definitely cry about it when we get home. We've been on the other side of that counter, and we all understand. We all have bad experiences, we've all been there. But, there are good things too — mainly the employee discount. These are 14 things that every retail worker understands completely.

1. "This is so expensive!"

I'm sorry? Does it look like I control the prices? I JUST WORK HERE.

2. When you're the opener and you get there 15 minutes early for all your opening duties, and you already see people trying to open the doors.


3. If you flirt with me I will…

...not be able to do anything about it because I'm on the clock, so I'll just sit here and smile and imagine punching you in the face.

4. If I have a policy that says I cannot serve or help you after a certain time, and you argue with me about it, I will probably go home and scream.

Actually, I will absolutely go home and scream about it.

5. You get to work at 3:00, work for 3 hours, and when you check the clock, it's only 3:17.

Time doesn't follow a set law in the void that is retail.

6. When customers set their money on the counter and you were holding your hand out to take it, you can literally see red.

Did you see my hand? DID YOU?

7. There's only so long we can hold an item for a customer, but they never seem to really understand that.

We do not exist to singularly serve you. Sorry.

8. If the sign on the door says we close at 8, and you come in at 7:56, we will actually hate you for life.

We talk about you with our coworkers and we all know who you are.

9. Customers think it's okay to actually throw merchandise at us or onto the counter.

In what universe is that acceptable? Because this is not that universe.

10. Those people that walk up to you or up to the counter on their phone are the worst people that could ever exist.

Especially if you're at a job where talking to the customer is necessary, you understand how truly horrible this is.

11. You have two different personalities: work you and normal you.

Work you has a big fake smile and a high pitched voice, and normal you hates work you.

12. When you're alone at the counter and there's 7 people waiting in line, you can literally feel yourself going into a mental breakdown.

You hate your life.

13. Having to constantly fake laugh at customers' jokes, you feel yourself fake laughing all the way home.

You'll probably end up fake laughing to your grave, honestly.

14. Finally, you understand just how amazing it feels when you've just locked the doors and someone tries to pull them open.

Pure bliss.
Cover Image Credit: Huffington Post

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