It's no surprise that around the holidays, Jews are left with a very limited selection of Hanukkah-themed gifts, decorations, and, well, practically everything no matter how hard the world tries to be "all-inclusive." In reality, the holidays just result in Christmas-themed everything, while Jews are left shopping in a little corner of the store that only has one shelf that might have something worth using as a gift. If you're Jewish, you totally understand all of these struggles around Christmas time.

1. Why are there no Hanukkah-themed Starbucks cups?!

2. Instead of Christmas trees, why don't they sell Hanukkah bushes?

3. People really need to stop asking me if I get upset on Christmas because I don't get presents.

4. And asking me what my favorite Christmas movie is. (P.S., it's either "Elf" or "Polar Express.")

5. I wonder if Hanukkah Harry feels offended during this time of year.

6. What the hell am I supposed to wear to this ugly Christmas sweater party?

7. Why is it that the only song made about Hanukkah is Adam Sandler's "8 Crazy Nights?"

8. I wonder if anyone has ever played a drunken holiday game of spin the dreidel...

9. Is it acceptable to bring potato latkes to this Christmas party?

10. Why do people keep on asking me if I've ever celebrated Christmas before?

11. Why are there never any movies made about Hanukkah during Christmas?

12. How come there are a million different spellings of Hanukkah, but only one way to spell Christmas?

13. I wonder if my mother would be upset with me if I bought these Christmas decorations to hang around my apartment...

14. I don't know how many more times I can explain to people who celebrate Christmas why there are nine candles instead of eight on the menorah.