The 14 Best Foods At Costco Ranked
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The 14 Best Foods At Costco Ranked

Talk about a food coma.

The 14 Best Foods At Costco Ranked

Costco is the best place to go when you are hungry. You can buy so many things in large packages for a cheap price but you aren't left hungry afterwards. When you walk into Costco, you definitely have to go big or go home, because nothing comes in small packages. The samples are nothing short of amazing every time I go there and it's impossible not to take just one sample. If you are a regular Costco-goer like I am, then you probably know the best foods to buy there. Just in case you aren't, here's my list of the best foods to buy at Costco.

1. Sweet Kale Vegetable Salad

Located in the dreaded freezer section, but is totally worth that fie-second cold. It's loaded with kale, brussels sprouts and radishes. The cranberries and sunflower seeds that come in the little package with the salad makes it sweet and the dressing gives it a little tang.

2. Pumpkin Pie

The one thing I look forward to on Thanksgiving. This pie is a staple at my house during Thanksgiving and is nothing short of amazing every year. I could definitely eat it all year round.

3. Broasted Chicken

Best. chicken. ever. It's good cold, hot, on a sandwich, on a salad or straight up off the bone.

4. The Muffins

They are as big as your face and worth every calorie. My favorite flavors are apple crumb, lemon poppyseed, and blueberry.

5. Pound Cake

Almost as good as the muffins! Just one slice doesn't cut it and you will definitely go back for more. Served best with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and some fresh fruit on top. Yum.

6. Quinoa and Kale

Includes individual bags that only require a microwave in order to eat this. The little hint of garlic with the bite from the quinoa and kale makes this extra delicious. The broasted chicken from number three pairs nicely on top of this dish.

7. Raisin Walnut Bread

The balance between crunchy and sweet is perfect. There are raisins and walnuts so it's healthy, right? That's what I tell myself as I basically eat a quarter of this bread in one sitting.

8. Roasted Garlic Bread

Basically a garlic lover's dream. There are actual chunks of garlic all throughout this loaf and you will definitely keep the vampires away after eating this. Cut a piece off, put in the toaster oven, and put some butter on it. Enough said.

9. Smoked Salmon

A Jewish girl loves her lox and knows the place to get the best quality. Costco is that place. Put this on a toasted bagel with cream cheese, tomato, and onion and you have got yourself the best sandwich in the world.

10. Skinny Pop

Admit it. We are all guilty of eating half the bag in one sitting.

11. Multigrain Chips

Irresistible is the only word I can find to describe these chips. They are filled with different kinds of seeds and grains to make this an incredible super food. Once you eat one, you seriously can not stop. I may or may not have been eating these while writing this article.

12. Pizza (Food Court)

It wouldn't be Costco if the food wasn't huge. This pizza is amazing and loaded with cheese. Probably 1000 calories, but who cares?

13. Berry Smoothie

The perfect drink on a hot summer day. It's not too sweet and you can definitely taste the fruit in it.

14. Mocha Freeze

So good and might be better than Starbucks' frappuccinos. You can get the drink with chocolate running throughout or have it perfectly come out looking like this picture every single time.

Keep doing your thing, Costco. You rock.

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