14 Gift Ideas For Your Green Thumb

14 Gift Ideas For Your Green Thumb

For casual plant lovers and serious gardeners alike!

Do you have that one friend in your life that loves to garden? Do they have a birthday or anniversary coming up and you just don't know what to get them for their special day? Well, look no further! What follows is a list of totally cool, trendy, and beautiful pieces for your garden and all things plants!

1. Terrariums, terrariums, and more terrariums!

No matter what, your plant-loving friend will be sure to LOVE terrariums to house their plant buddies! Terrariums come in all shapes and sizes, from teardrops to geometric prisms to wood-encased boxes... you're sure to find one that will match the style and decor of any of your friends.

2. Seed Bombs

This is SUCH a cute idea! Aimed more at beginner gardeners (and also gardeners who live in urban spaces), these seed bombs are "...gently place[d] on top of soil, water, and voila - instant gardener!". This particular set is geared towards cooking herbs and spices, but there are plenty more sets for other types of plants.

3. Cute Printed Gardening Gloves

You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who wouldn't fall in love with gloves like these. There are plenty of other designs, but this pair, titled 'Jenna', remind me of the mod 50s housewife aesthetic. They would be so cute to wear, I wouldn't want to get them dirty!

4. Gardening Hints VIntage Cigarette Cards

These are more for those who want to make the insides of their home match the beauty of their outside gardens. Returning to that 50s housewife aesthetic, these cards harken back to a time when

everyone wanted to have the best garden, so perhaps these will push your plant-loving friends to have the best garden on the block, all while giving them vintage hints.

5. Easy Bloom 1000 Sensor

I know one thing that has always been a problem for me is figuring out what plants will work in my climate, no matter where I am. This cool little gadget solves that for you! You just stick it into the desired area to plant, it senses the environment, and uses an online database to tell you exactly what will work best to plant where-ever you are. Plus it has such a cute little design. Just a little bonus, although the technological side to this gadget will be what interests your green-thumb the most.

6. Parrot Flower Power Plant Monitor

This is yet another super cool gadget, but this one is probably better after you've planted your little plant baby. This one stays permanently next to your plant, and monitors the soil, temperature, sunlight and water levels and sends this information to your smartphone to help you figure out how to provide the best plant care.

7. Stylish Garden Apron

For those green thumbs who might have a yearning to be more fashion-forward, this is the perfect gift for them. Beyond the trendy print and pastel colors, the apron also seems to have a ton of pockets to store all the gardening tools you could possibly think of. Don't have any to store? Look below for cute gardening tools!

8. Garden Plot Markers

Whether they're metal spoons or colorful stones, there are plenty of options if you're thinking of buying garden markers for that special gardener in your life!

9. Infrared Garden Cameras

Put this baby in your garden and track the growth of your plants... or perhaps the movement of little critters that visit your garden when you're away!

10. Zen Gardens

This product is more for those who are cool and act unimpressed with the world, when really, all they want is to plant flowers, spread happiness, and smile... but can't because of an office job! This little kit fits nicely on any desk, and will provide distraction... or peace... during a busy work day.

11. Motion Detecting Garden Owl

A little pricey, but this owl is worth it for those serious gardeners who have a hard time keeping pesky critters who destroy garden crops away. This owl detects motion and turns rapidly, scaring away anything that might be in your garden!

12. Hydroponic Gardening Set

Hydroponic gardening is the new frontier (I guess). This handy little kit comes with everything you might need for plant lovers to try something new!

13. Gardening Sets

Truly for the stylish, these cool gardening sets are cute and useful for when you're digging up the garden! If you're not diggin' the floral print, there are plenty of other prints and colors for you to choose from!

14. Pokemon Planters

These are the coolest things I have on the list, in my opinion. In light of Pokémon Go, these might the hottest new gardening pieces on the market.

Enjoy and happy shopping, everybody! And remember... plants are the reason we can breathe. Thank your green thumb friends today with a cool gift.

Cover Image Credit: Goods Home Design

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To My Very Best Senior Friend, Please Don't Leave Me

I'm sad you're leaving, but I'm so excited to see you do amazing things.

To My Very Best Senior Friend,

I can't believe it's been roughly a year since I came to Butler University and met you. I still remember my nerves on the first day here, and when you came to my room with a note to wish me good luck with classes. That simple action right there, when you barely knew who I was, describes you completely. Your loyalty and compassion are truly a gift. From that day, I knew I had to be friends with you, and I'm so glad that I did.

I've always joked about how I wanted an older sibling so that I could have someone to look up to and to pave the way for me. You've been nothing shy of that older figure in my life. From the notes that you still leave on my desk, to the encouragement texts, you lift up those around you.

Although I haven't had a "big" in our sorority as a "mother figure", I still consider you one. Thank you for always listening to me talk, supporting me, understanding my struggles, and being a shoulder to cry on. You're the president of an outstanding club on campus, and yet you handle your busy schedule with such poise and grace. You have also changed the lives of all the members in that club. Your drive and dedication is inspirational.

In just a few months, you'll be ready to start your teaching career. I know the road leading up to this hasn't been easy, but your heart is in the right place. Those kids will need you; they will need your support and your love, and there's no better person for that job. They will have no idea how blessed they are to have a teacher like you. You are the mentor of our future generations, of people who will one day change the world.

Know that your legacy will always live on. Know that you've made an impact in my new family in our sorority, and that our newest addition next year will know you, and know how much you were loved and are loved by us. Know that my journey at Butler would've been a lot more difficult without you in it.

Thank you for teaching me to stand up for what I believe in. For learning to love myself, and to continue to push forward when the going gets tough. Thank you for providing numerous laughs. Thank you for really making me feel special here, and thank you for most of all making me a better person.

I'll always wish we had more time at Butler together, but I'm so proud of you and I can't wait to hear about all the amazing things you're able to accomplish. Christine, you've been one of my best friends and role models, and I can't thank you enough.

With love,


Cover Image Credit: Personal Photo

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'Isle of Dogs' Is My New Favorite Wes Anderson Movie, But It's Hard To Ignore The Cultural Appropriation

“Isle of Dogs” may even be the best Wes Anderson movie so far.

Being a minor-level film nerd, I love Wes Anderson.

Wes Anderson, if you’re not familiar with his work, is a director who produced movies such as: “Fantastic Mr. Fox,” “Moonrise Kingdom,” “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” and the recently released “Isle of Dogs.”

He has a very distinct, interesting style to all of his work that I love; it feels like stepping into a new whimsical world for each movie. If you want to know more about his common themes, common characters, or about his film style, I would recommend checking out this video from one of my favorite YouTube channels, Screenprism:

You Know It's Wes Anderson IF ...

There are a few things that I want to touch on about “Isle of Dogs.” I saw it in the theater a few days ago and initially loved it. “Isle of Dogs” may even be the best Wes Anderson movie so far; the movie that best encapsulates who he is as a person and director.

However, I do have a few problems with it, including how he portrayed the culture of Japan.

I’m not going to go into great detail, because I really have no authority on the subject, but many critics are calling out Anderson for cultural appropriation. I didn’t see it at first, but I completely understand why they’re saying this.

“Isle of Dogs” is set in Japan, specifically the city of Megasaki. There is an old rivalry between everyone who loves dogs and the Kobayashi family who is known for loving cats. Eventually, in the future, a Kobayashi is mayor of Megasaki and decides to banish all dogs to Trash Island because of several diseases that are dominating the canine population.

With the overwhelming support of the public, the first dog sent to Trash Island is Spot, best friend to the mayor’s ward, Atari. About six months after Spot is sent away, the movie focuses on a specific pack of dogs - Rex, King, Duke, Boss, and Chief.

They witness Atari’s plane crash on Trash Island and discover that Atari is trying to find and retrieve his lost best friend, Spot. There are many scenes throughout the movie that are filled with Japanese stereotypes like sumo-wrestling or sushi. They’re visually pleasing, but were they necessary to the story?

On the other hand, his stop-motion is purposeful and beautiful. I love that it’s obvious how much thought was put into each and every shot. For instance, the best part about every character were the eyes. Since dogs can’t really give as detailed face expressions as humans can, Anderson chose to focus all the emotion and character into the eyes.

I loved it. This highlighted unique parts of every character’s personality and added a new division of humor to the story. My favorite character is probably Bryan Cranston as Chief; the head of the pack of five, he has a seemingly hard shell and was a stray back on the mainland.

I’ve always been more of a cat person myself, but I can understand the appeal for a dog after watching Anderson’s latest masterpiece.

Cover Image Credit: YouTube

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