While studying abroad this semester, I am attending an international university for my classes. And, yes, I absolutely adore my situation. My experience offers me traditional classroom schooling, mixed with the rare opportunity to be educated in an immersive and intercultural way. It's a globalist's dream: I get to go to my 9 AM and converse with my friends from China/Germany/Canada/wherever about politics. Given that context, I asked my pals, "how would you describe your country's government, using only one word?" The following opinions are their responses!

* Quickly, I would like to acknowledge the innate liberty I have in freely expressing my thoughts on the government as a right guaranteed in the handy-dandy First Amendment! Not everyone has that privilege, therefore, I redacted the names of my interviewees to protect their anonymity.

1. "...Fascinating!"


- from the United States of America

2. "I think, maybe, the government has too much control."


- from China

3. "Large."

- from Singapore

4. "Corrupt. Failure. Either one works, unfortunately."

- from Honduras

5. "Absolutely outrageous! Like a train-wreck you cannot stop looking at."


- from England (the U.K)

6. "Traditional."

- from Egypt

7. "Positive, I think? But also, old."


- from Germany

8. "Delinquent. Given the high population and lack of job opportunity, there is a lot of corruption by the government because the economy is bad."

- from Mexico

9. "Currently, misguided. Overall, optimistic."


- from the United States of America

10. "Greedy. I am concerned about the rising taxes, you know? It is always 'more, more, more'!"


- from France

11. "Welfare."


- from Canada

12. "Very complicated."

- from Sweden

13. "Oppressive to the idea of independence."


- from Catalonia (Spain)