13 Types of People You See On The New York Subway
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13 Types of People You See On The New York Subway

I still love NYC, no matter the things I encountered.

13 Types of People You See On The New York Subway

New York City is by far the most interesting city I have ever had the pleasure of living in. Although my stay in the Big Apple only lasted a couple of months, it was still the perfect amount of time to get my feet wet and experience such a diverse and cultural city. The most unique thing about this city is by far the people. Taking the subway every day multiple times really gives you an inside look at the different kinds of weirdos New York City has to offer. It might be giving San Francisco a run for their money being named the land of fruits and nuts. Here are just a few of the types of people I encountered on the lovely subway system.

1. The One Who Hogs the Pole.

Not that I want to touch that nasty thing, anyway, but I really don't want to fall at the abrupt start and stops so can you please not lean on the pole? Thanks.

2. The One Who Performs.

These are the ones who go from train to train putting on a performance and ask for money following it. Don't get me wrong, without cell service in those caves they are totally entertaining, but it doesn't get much more awkward when they stare you in the face with their hat out in front of you.

3. The One Who Falls Asleep.

These people make me very anxious for them. Are they really sleeping, or just closing their eyes? Did they just miss their stop? This is not the time to sleep!

4. The One Who Takes Up Two Seats.

No, your shady backpack does not needs its own place to sit.

5. The One With All The Electronics.

Is there a wi-fi hotspot I don't know about? If not, why do you have your laptop out?

6. The One Parent During Rush Hour

You can't help, but sympathize with the parent trying to lug a child, stroller and briefcase on the subway during morning traffic.

7. The One Who's An Intern.

If you ever saw a girl lugging around 10 garment bags and seven shopping bags filled with shoes along with coffee, that was probably me.

8. The One Who Wants To Have A Conversation.

They must not be from New York.

9. The One Who Is A Tourist.

Maps, camera, and pamphlets in their hands as well as frustration and fear in their eyes from trying to figure out the subway.

10. The One Who Screams.

I really don't want to hear your political rant or drunken slurs while waiting for the G train.

11. The One Who Just Worked Out.

As if the subway in the summer isn't hell on earth already, now an extra sweaty and smelly man comes on to enjoy the ride right next to you.

12. The One Who Makes You Wonder.

Sometimes people really make you think. Let your freak flags fly, y'all.

13. The One With A Entire Meal.

Can't wait until you're home, huh?

I still love ya, New York! No matter the things I encountered.

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