13 Big Struggles Of Life With Big Boobs
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13 Big Struggles Of Life With Big Boobs

Welcome to the world of big boobs. It sucks.

13 Big Struggles Of Life With Big Boobs
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It's not easy being a girl. We have all these things we have to deal with on a daily (as well as a monthly) basis. We have to buy so many things that men don't need and frankly, it's kind of a pain. Since I "became a woman," I've always been "blessed" with a larger chest. And by larger, I mean giant and irritating. If you have a large bust, you know the struggle.

So, here's 13 things you can only relate to if you're "blessed" up top:

1. Finding a bra that fits right

There is no comfortable AND cute bra, sorry ladies. Cute ones don't have thick straps, and thick straps aren't cute. And don't get me started on sports bras.

2. Finding a bra less than $60

Yes, that's just for ONE bra. And if you wear anything larger than an F, you have to shop at Lane Bryant.

3. Finding a bathing suit that fits the top AND the bottom

My upstairs and downstairs are so far apart in size that it's almost unbelievable.

4. Shirts with buttons

Lol what?

5. Strapless anything

If a normal bra can't keep everything where it's supposed to be, what makes you think a strapless one can? Lol

6. Backless anything


7. Stairs

Yes, I love holding my chest to walk down the steps in a timely manner.

8. Running

Need I say more?

9. "OMG I wish my boobs were that big!"

No. Stop. Shut up. Good-bye. Leave the premises. Don't talk to me.

10. Too much side-boob

It's a thing, people, I promise.

11. You can't see your feet if you wear anything bigger than an E cup

I haven't seen my feet since 2011.


Welcome to the rainforest.

13. They're heavy

They might just weigh 12 pounds...each. BACK PAIN FROM YOUR BOOBS IS REAL. Don't try to tell me otherwise.

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