Just as anything else in life, being the oldest child has both its rewards and its challenges. For example, you are the first of your siblings to get a driver's license, but you are also the first of your siblings to go through the awkward stages of life. If you are your parents' first born child, then you know that that is one of many examples of things that only an oldest sibling understands. Here are 13 more things that every oldest sibling understands:

1. Your parents learned how to be a parent by raising you. Essentially, you were (and probably still are) your parents' "guinea pig child."

2. You always have to be the role model for your younger siblings.

3. ...but you were also the one who would get in trouble if you and/or your younger siblings misbehaved.

4. You are the first to experience the many challenges that growing up has to offer...

5. ...but, more importantly, you are also the first to experience the many rewards that growing up has to offer.

6. Your parents didn't allow you to have the things that they allowed your younger siblings to have in kindergarten.

7. Your parents were much stricter with you that than they are with your younger siblings.

8. You are the first person that your younger siblings call if they did something extremely stupid...

9. And your younger siblings always go to you for advice if they do not want to talk about something with your parents.

10. Essentially, you are a third parent to your younger siblings...

11. Although you are always there to help your younger siblings, you will never let them beat you at anything.

12. If you are an older brother who has a younger sister:

13. Ultimately, this sums up why being the oldest sibling is the best: